New iPad, all planes gone

I have iPad but I bought ipadpro, so I put infinite Flight on the new device. I used my account but the planes I bought are not on the IPad Pro. It’s this correct or not? Xp, flight time are ok but I didn’t want to’ buy another time all the planes that already bought.

Thank you for your help and ha e a good flights!

I always do this, when I buy a new device…


Just restore purchases and re-download your planes. That will work.

Although, this won’t work if your went from Android to Apple and vice-versa.


As long as you’ve used the same Apple ID/account it will work! I know this because a few weeks ago I got a new iPad and needed to transfer everything! So just hit restore purchases and you should be able to download them again!

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He went from an ipad to an ipad pro, so it shouldn’t be a problem, just use the same apple id, and do the things axel_beder said

And if I subscrive IF for one year (all Planes and airport free). What’s will happen with the two devices?

The Apple id it’s not the same…now I understanding…

That means if I change my Galaxy S5 to an S6, I’ll lose everything? Even with the same Google Play Account?

No, you can change between the same devices, Android to Android, Apple to Apple…just use the SAME Apple ID/ Google play store ID…

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There…you answered your own question…use the same apple id you purchased the items, than hit restore purchases…done…

That is not true my friend, you gotta click restore purchases like other people have said, if its same account it will work

I can’t because iPad Pro is mine and use te sale id that my iPhone 6s the other is my wife’s property and work with her iPhone… But thanks, because now I know the truth!

The only way is subscrive the payment for one year so IF will work with my IF account

I did it from my IPod to my IPad. Make sure you hit restore purchases in the same Apple ID then your done!

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