New iOS Compatibility

Quick question, will there be any issues with app compatibility after the release of the new IOS 14?

I think this could go in #support not 100% sure.

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also iPadOS (don’t know if that is different)

Are you talking about beta or public release?

Public. The WWDC is happening right now.

It just ended for me

Just ended either way😂

lol. Also, yes IF is gonna be a availiable in the public version of ios14 I’m just not so sure about the beta now

Well, yes and no. It is a different thing, yes, but if you update
IF for one, doing it for the other eould go without saying as it is so similar, and most people still don’t even know iPadOS exists.

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We’ll support iOS 14 at the time of launch, but that isn’t until later this year. As always, we don’t guarantee compatibility with iOS betas, and can’t guarantee support for issues that may appear on them until the public release. Use at your own risk :)


Thanks @Cameron!

Folks, I’ll be your guinea pig :)

I am updating all my devices to the their respective Developer Beta’s shortly and I will come back with the results on how Infinite Flight works with within the upcoming days. I will be sure to experiment with short hauls, medium hauls, and long hauls, as well as other features such as Picture in Picture (per request).


My bigger question is if ARM macs mean Mac infinite flight… 😏

But that’s a question for another day. I’ve never gotten a Beta before, but I think I just may this year, can’t wait for this, looks like a lot of small, but potent changes…

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@KPIT Read this :)


Seen this in this thread. What does WWDC stand for?

Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple’s semi annual meeting to release new technology in their company

Thankyou for the info

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Great features coming for you all in three months!

But I will see it tomorrow because my dad is a developer (of course on his and not my iPad so I don’t destroy IF.

  • I am lucky
  • Meh, no matter for me.

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It is??? Omg omg omg 😁😁😁