New International Service for BOS

Boston has a few new International destinations upcoming.

  • Air Europa will begin seasonal service to Madrid in early June 2017 ending early in September. The A330-200 will serve that route.
  • Azores Airlines will begin holiday service to Funchal starting in late December 2016 and ending in early January 2017. The A330-200 will be served on that route.
  • Delta Airlines will begin seasonal service to Dublin starting in late May 2017. The 757-200 will serve that route.
  • Delta Airlines will also expand Caribbean service to Punta Cana and Montego Bay starting in late December 2016 and St. Thomas in late February 2017. Punta Cana and Montego Bay will be served by the A319 and the St. Thomas route wil be served by the 757-200.
  • Virgin Atlantic will begin seasonal service to Manchester starting in March 2017. The A330-300 will serve that route.

All information gathered from RoutesOnline.


Delta, 757 to Dublin? I am excited to see that plane in Dublin next year!


Oh cool great to know .

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I wish they used something bigger like the 764.

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Boston has become quite the international hub! It makes me wish I still lived there…

I remember when JAL flew the only Aisan route to NRT. Now they have Hainan, Cathay Pacific, Enirates, Qatar, El Al, etc. it’s nice to see Boston getting so much love! It’s a great city, with a great economy, and lots of pristigious higer education. It’s cool to see airlines investing in it!


Can’t wait to fly Delta on the Boston->Dublin route

Once Massport completes the new A380 gates in early 2017, Boston could definitely see a larger increase in passenger traffic as well as aircraft traffic. I hope to see Singapore airlines within the next two years.

Yeah. If they expand Terminal E I think we will see a lot more! EK will bring the A380 for sure! And I wouldn’t be surprised if SQ comes in!

It’s pretty strange sometimes what aircraft are used on certain routes. American flies a B752 From JFK to Dublin, Birmingham and Paris, as well as other cities.

I know British had plans to start A380 service in February but was canceled because the new gates are taking longer than usual. Emirates will use A380 service for sure.

757s are perfect for those routes since they can fly the distance with just the right amount of seats. It’s kind of a niche and it’s why everybody thinks/wants Boeing to revive or replace it.


Hopefully BA brings it once the gates are done!

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I think it all depends on passenger demand. AA uses a 757 from BOS to CDG. Most people would take DAL or AFR since they take more passengers.

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A few days ago I say an American 767-300er en route from JFK to boston…

It was actually a Delta 767 that was carrying the Red Sox after playing the Yankees.


I wish Manchester could get international service as easily as Boston :/

Maybe some day.

It isn’t that far lol.

Bostonians unite!

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Probably not much demand to justify a 764