New Insta!

Go follow Infinite_aviation_posts for awesome pics and an occasional video. Once I get over 50 followers ill start reposting and shouting out profiles! Please go follow!

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Hi Wallace, congratulations on the new account on Instagram but this forum is not for advertising unless its in the post I will link below.
Thank you!
Warm regards,

If you wish to advertise, please put it on this post which is approved for advertising.


Suggest you post it here: Community Instagram List

Guys I think he has gotten the point now. Hope you are able to navigate to the links provided above! Nice looking Instagram!

Kind Regards



NO kind regards only warm plz


Unless you are me…somehow my southern accent slips into my 3 year old keyboard…

I would refer to the terms of service to help you familiarize with the rules and make sure your topic is posted on another thread that relates to the thread you are wanting to post on Community Instagram List

Everyday is to learn something new so I hope you take this in mind. It appears someone has closen your thread so no need to worry, Just make sure to find simular topic when posting to avoid duplicate threads.

I get I need to remove, about 1,000 people have told me that, how do I do it?