New infinite flights account


I just got back from my suspension
And I don’t want to get another one and I’m really sorry but it’s fine but anyways

I just wanted to know how I can restart my infinite flights account and I have cancelled the subscription and everything and I have deleted the app but I got the app back and I want to know if everything will start back and everything will reset to 0 like everything is 0 because I got lot’s of violations and I was on grade 3 but of the violations that’s why I cannot get grad 5 so that’s why I wanted to restart so I can finally get grade 5 so can someone please help and tell me if that will work by restarting everything


Please tell me on what to do if that will work if I restart it

Do next………😀😀😀😀

As long as you remember your login details you’ll be okay.


I didn’t do that I just was on the normal account but not singed it

Is there any other way you can help on what to do with that account reset so everything is back to 0

Can someone please help on how can I reset my account so everything goes back to grade 1 and everything 0

Email for help regarding your account and stats. Thanks.

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