New Infinite Flight

I just wanted to thank the creators of this app and anyone who worked on the new update to the app. I always havent seen a big change in updates but this new 20.2 update is soo amazing!!! It is really cool to see the big changes in each update. Thank you for all the hard work and am looking foward to see what updates are going to bring to us soon!


Welcome back, and that is how I feel about the update! My favorite one yet besides the A350 being added.

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The Infinite Flight Staff Team does a fantastic job and loves hearing your opinions and comments on their app! Please be sure to leave a good review for Infinite Flight on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. These reviews help others discover Infinite Flight, and help the developers push out more quality updates just like 20.2!

@anon61046445 @A320_Flyerboy19 what’s your favorite addition to the app through the 20.2 update?


My favorite addition through the 20.1 updates is the SID, STARS, and APPs.

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