New infinite flight youtube channel

Hey everyone I hope that you guys are staying safe and well. I have a youtube channel that has some pretty cool content that includes an ATC session at KSFO on the training server and a couple of flights. Though there are only a couple of videos, can’t wait to see what this channel turns into. Come and support my channel

Here is the link to the home page:

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Wait no, this is someone else’s channel, right @A320_Flyerboy19 ?

No sorry this is my channel I forgot to mention it let me change that @DrNoir

Thanks for pointing that out to me I forgot to put it in there

@Drummer Hey I did what posted thanks for giving that topic!

But the information is contradictory. You said you were browsing Youtube and found a channel, but now you say it’s yours?

Edit: Got it @A320_Flyerboy19

sorry sorry this is my channel let me go and rewrite it

@DrNoir Trust me on this it is my channel. Sometimes I do some goofy things like that and I catch them later

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