New Infinite Flight Youtube Channel

Here is my latest video, please go and subscribe for daily infinite flight content. Maybe with commentary soon once I gain some following.

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Did you do this on I.O.S.
If you did can you tell me how you you screen recorded it.

Yes with a mac and quicktime player :)

Ok thanks for telling me.

Do you think there’s a way to do something like that on Windows.

Try Air server

Ok I’ll see.
Thanks man for the information.

I suggest you to improve your flight skills.
Strange takeoff, fast A/P engage, low speed climb, extreme fast cruise, weird approach, terrible landing (with SPD still on).

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I was being blown across the runway by the wind and the weird bug that means yo have a weird takeoff as son as you rotate came in. Don’t see why autopilot can’t be used to assist my progress and it means there is less for me to think about. If I used anymore throttle that would have been wrong too. The cruise I didn’t care about as I just wanted tog et to the destination before the act signed off. And nothing wrong with the approach.

You fly with call sign Easy yet you are in a Ryanair?

I do also agree with Laurens.

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Pretty crap landing ;)…

Typical RyanAir landing…jk nice video


I am sorry but why are you flying in a Ryanair and is Your callsign easy 216