New Infinite Flight Trailer!

Infinite Flight just released a new trailer for the game on their youtube! Check it out and leave your thoughts and comments below!
I personally love the music and camera views and shots! It really showcases the newest and greatest aircraft of infinite flight, as well as the ATC and live features! Although that TBM was 100% not holding short of the runway properly :/
It also features myself and several others flying for the ATC demo with @Chief305 controlling!


That is a nice trailer! I love the TBM so much!

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Absolutely love this trailer, it’s really well done and probably my favorite yet! Props to whoever edited it!


It is my absolute pleasure to be featured controlling approach in the trailer, Infinite Flight has gone a long way with both the flying and controlling aspect. I’m glad to show newcomers the perspective of a radar controller within Infinite Flight.

Cheers, keep it up team!


Love it ! The music fits perfectly for it ! What a long ways we have come with this simulator!!


I watched it when it was uploaded and I got to say the team did a great job composing the shots. Just watching the video shows how far FDS made progress on IF.


This is really nice! The new trailer is way more up to date with the new Infinite Flight features! :D

Nice to see it getting a refresh!


Hopefully they add it to the App Store app-video thing!

Great Job Mr. Jason on being a great ambassador and asset to the Infinite Flight Team! This is an awesome new trailer that I hope will attract a lot of new people into our great simulator!

That 787 landing tho…

That is an amazing trailer! Great editing too! Love it guys!

Great trailer! So much has changed since 5 years ago; I still remember watching this trailer!


i love it!

I love the new trailer

Wowie… that’s old 😅

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That trailer looks great!

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