New Infinite Flight Streaming Service

Hello community!
I am pleased to announce the opening of my new Infinite Flight Streaming Service (IFSS). This is a service that is available upon request for any purpose, be it public IFC events or private VA events.

How It Works
I use a streaming program called Gameshow to stream to my channel via Youtube Gaming. It is simple and can stream to Twitch and Youtube on any channel, however to use your own channel the password to that account is required. I would recommend changing your account password to something simple before you use the service, in order to protect privacy. The streaming software can overlay logos, windows and pretty much anything on top of the background image.

How to get in touch
To use this service, please PM me with the date, the time, and the ‘location’ (where the stream is being played i.e. Twitch and which channel) and then I will reply as to wether I am able to stream at that time. Please take into account the following before requesting:

  • I am based in London and can stream until usually 2000Z, so bear in mind the time zone you are in
  • As I mentioned, should you want me to stream to your own channel I need both the screen name / code and your password, so please change it to something that won’t violate your privacy.
  • The videos are not monetised (subject to change)
  • If you want your stream to be unlisted, please state
  • Obviously, I won’t stream anything gorey or not allowed on the IFC
  • When streaming, I can’t stream video from someone else’s screen as the quality gets too low

This service is starting with only me, but I might expand and employ someone else to stream when I can’t, but that’s in the future. Any questions please ask below.
Thank you for reading this, and see you in the skies!


Whilst this is a good idea, I’m not sure if people would be happy to lend you their account passwords even if you do promise not to do anything.

Anyway, good luck with your services!


What’s to stop people doing this on their own? Can you give an example of the quality?

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i think he’s going to stream it to his channel

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That is why I suggest they change it, and then change it back after the stream is over.

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also, what’s the point of trying to monetize a service that people can just as easily do on their own. I hate to come and rain on your parade, but this is pointless.


yep. but in the meantime, let you access their email, their google+, their google pay (possibly). Nah.


Streaming software costs money. I have already bought professional streaming software and have long experience of doing it, and so it would be easier to just ask me to do it. I don’t take any payment for this service.

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It’s also their choice to let me use their account, I’m not forcing them and they can just use my account.

This violates the rules and regulations of IF in several ways:

  1. you cannot impersonate someone else’s account
  2. you cannot and will not monetise a service based around IF without FDS’ approval

Aswell as this, this will not work and common sense such as not sharing your password, would sway people’s opinions - I would hope.


so lemme get this straight.

  • i can give you my account details (so you can access my email, my google+ (not that anyone ever uses it because it’s well… rubbish…), my google play (which has my credit card attached)

  • or, I can let you stream it, and let you make money from it. all because you have ‘experience’.

  • and most bits of streaming software are incredibly cheap, or if you’re using it once, you can just use a free trial (yes i know there’s certain restrictions on trials, but if you’re only using it once then you’re not going to have time to explore the software fully)

  • so. i can either give you access to my complete life, or let you make money from it. all when i can do it myself. for free.

I don’t wanna be that guy on the forum that always ruins everyone’s ideas, but this one deserves to be ruined.

If you want to actually be helpful, maybe make a tutorial on the basics of streaming stuff from a mobile device