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New Infinite Flight Menu Concept

Welcome to this Infinite Flight Features Thread, today I’ll be requesting a feature that not a lot of people have asked before, and that is for a new and refreshed look on Infinite Flight. Today I’ll be explaining the What, Why, and How of this new concept to give you a better understanding of the topic. Enough talking let’s just jump right in.

What is it?

Well to put it simply this is supposed to be a new menu concept, with refreshed looks and graphics. This idea can be implemented by changing and the app opening intro, the aircraft selection menu and so on and so forth… With little tweaks, bells, and whistles to make the app appealing to the user.

Why should we do this?

In my opinion, I feel like we should make a new revamped and simple menu as this will make the app look appealing to the user. With minimalistic and simple designs. Big companies such as Google and Apple are putting in simple and modern designs in their products to make the product look more appealing to customers. They are executing this task by removing any unnecessary shadows, reflections, bevels. etc. anything that makes the logo look realistic. In my opinion, the logo shouldn’t be worked on too hard as it’s already really simple and minimalistic. The thing that should be worked on the most is the colors that are displayed on the menu, everything in the menu looks bland and boring as the menu is really only one color. To fix this problem we can add splashes of white and orange (which are Infinite Flight’s primary colors in their designs) to make the menu look fun and bright and not too serious. We can also improve the aircraft selection menu. Instead of adding pictures of aircraft we can add videos to show what the aircraft would look like in different environments. When you switch the aircraft’s livery it will show the aircraft flying in the desired livery. military jets and student aircraft such as the Cessna will be put in more realistic environments.

Ex: Military jets will be shown flying at fast speeds, doing stunts. etc.

How do we do this?

As most things in Infinite Flight are made by developers the main way we can do this is just by having the developers do it. But developers should also add community creations such as @Maximilian1805 's Infinite Flight logo animation. This will also allow a chance for Infinite Flight users with graphic design talents to express and showcase their talents in front of thousands of people.


I know this feature suggestion was very long and potentially pointless, but if you liked the idea please show your support by voting for this feature and liking this post. Please share some feedback and criticism down below as this will help me improve in the future.


Well I am no developer, but I dont think this would be too much of an additional workload, which lots of people will probably say, so I will vote for this!


I don’t know how to feel about this, just because I feel as if the current menu is simple enough and practical for the purpose it serves. Adding videos and unnecessary extras just adds unnecessary clutter, and in reality, it contradicts your idea of a simple menu. However, these are just my initial thoughts, because it’s really difficult to imagine or implement these ideas without a concept design or graphic. Some more clarity would be appreciated, because right now, from the my standpoint, it just doesn’t make sense.

I also wouldnt want a menu that is full of tabs and stuff, but I imagine, that something like a new menu point where featured stuff from the community is or something like that, would make the app cooler, and would also bring more people to the IFC


That is true, but in my opinion it’s a bit bland a boring and doesn’t really make the game look fun.

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Thanks for taking the time to make this feature request!

We are continually revising and planning improvements for our user interface as we continue updating Infinite Flight. Since this feature request is quite ambiguous, I am going to close this to return your votes, but rest assured we are planning improvements with future updates.

If you’re interested in reading more, we have a blog post about some of the constraints we have when designing our UI. Whilst it’s not specific to the menu page, the same concepts apply: