New Infinite Flight Live server names

As some of you have noticed, we changed the name of the Infinite Flight Live servers in order to make their intended purpose more clear, especially for new pilots.
You will find the server under the following new names:

  • “Casual”: pilots of all skill level can fly freely on “Casual” server(s) without affecting their XP or rank. That being said, it is not a license to not be courteous and respectful to others. Formerly known as “Free Flight” server.
  • “Training”: with ATC enabled, this server is meant for pilots or controllers who want to improve their skills in an environment with simple rules (subject to change). Formerly known as “ATC Playground” server.
  • “Expert”: this server, formerly known as “Advanced”, is where the best community pilots and air traffic controllers can interact with a strict set of rules.

Don’t know on what server to fly? Here is something that might help you choose:

You just want to do a quick flight without any realistic constrains, takeoff as fast as possible, break the sound barrier over KLAX -> Casual Server
You are not sure of your skill level but want to do your best to improve your skills and fly according to simple rules -> Training Server
You are an experienced pilot and want to fly with other experienced pilots and accept to follow strict rules -> Expert Server

Happy Landings!


This will really help, thanks FDS!

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Why didn’t you guys announce this earlier?

No. Its still under development.

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Thank you. Hopefully now there wont be people landing on closed runways in Expert.

I don’t think it will improve this in particular, but it is a small step in the right direction.


Nice, this was needed. The name “Playground” has been buried, lets starts a new chapter with the Training server.


This might change some people’s opinions on the Training Server

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Does this mean that i will not get XP in Casual?

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MaxSez: You can call a pig a dog but it’s still a pig!


Yeah, I like this. Being honest i prefer advanced to expert, but at least it is much more clear to the new clueless Live user.

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Can you still gain XP on Casual?

I think you don’t but I am not sure…

I appreciate this name change. It helps state the purpose of each server better than before.

Smart, playground gave the impression that you could do whatever you want to.

Are Grade 1s still allowed on the “Training Server” or no?

I was hoping the “EXPERT” name would intimidate noobs from messing around on the server, still seeing people with less than 30 flight hours cruising at 700+ knots GS, taxiing to the wrong end of the runway and entering without clearance, requesting takeoff remaining in the pattern over and over when pattern work is not allowed… Etc etc. 🙃🙃

I believe that everything stayed the same besides the names.