New Infinite Flight channel

Hello everyone, I made a YouTube for recording my flight in Infinite Flight. All the flight has included on board announcement! Please support my channel!


Hey should not post that on IFC ask to a mod for more info

Why can’t he post it? The category is #screenshots-and-videos. He put his video. Why can’t he have it?

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You should not post a replay every time you have a new video resulting in a never ending topic.

However, you CAN post a new TOPIC with each video as needed while keeping the category rules in mind.

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Nice video! Congrats on the new channel!

Although the landing was a big rough and the taxiing off the runway was a bit too fast, everything else was very professional.

Keep it up! :)

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There will be new video every two days, Thank you for supporting!

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The EFB on the captain side of the A350 will be playing video in my future video

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Look nice ! And try to make more long flight
Have a greate day/night

Please subscribe to the channel and like the video. Thank you for your support!

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Yes look the PM that I send to you.

Another screenshot

Nice! I subscribed!

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Thank you very much!!!

Another screenshot!!

Let me know if you need help with anything! I know from experience ;)