New Infinite Flight App Icon Confirmed! (iOS & Android)



Posted by Laura! I love the world map in the background! :)


Almost looks like a flight information app now…


It kinda does, yeah! I hope the updated logo is a sign that the update is near!

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What OS is that?

Laura’s Instagram

I think it’s android…not sure though.

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Sometimes new posts take a while to load on Instagram.

this is a good sign that the update might be coming out in the next few weeks or month

Yeah! That’s what I’m hoping for. Laura has reloaded the new scenery for and is releasing more 787 screenshots. This could be a good sign, but let’s not jump to conclusions. :)

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Haha when i Saw it tink yay finally a own app for the community

i hoping for the same thing too. The new logo looks nice too but not super important to me. I give it a 9.9/10 IGN rating. -.1 because no mustaches.

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The logo really looks nice doesn’t it?

haha i wasn’t
just a theory
but if you think about it
it wouldn’t make sense for the devs to make a new app icon unless all the other bigger things are done

I would expect the devs to get the big things done first like wingflex and stuff and then work on smaller things like updating the scenery and the logo.

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Haha! You are addicted to mustaches

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Yeah I love it looks more professional

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exactly what i was trying to say

The new logo will definitely give Infinite Flight a lot more attention!