New/Improved thumbnails

One thing I would like to suggest would be to replace the existing thumbnails of some aircraft and regions with images that use the best graphics settings.

For example, in some of the thumbnails for regions the “water quality” and “terrain quality” remain low, (which is understandable seeing as that was the only setting available at the time the image was taken.)

Also the thumbnails for the aircraft follow different patterns eg. Some aircraft such as the a330 200f and all of the 737s all follow a specific pattern (all on one runway from the exact same angle) while others like the a380 follow a different pattern (all in a scenic position. Apart from the Eithad, Air Austral and Transereo which sit on a runway with the image taken from a similar but not the exact same angle. Also these in my opinion these look rather dull in comparison to the other a380 pictures. I am happy with all the aircraft which fall into the categories above (apart from the Eithad, Air Austral and Transereo a380s) what I dislike and I know I’m being extremely picky about this are the aircraft such as the 777 200 which follows no particular pattern (Some are on the same runway from the same angle while others are completely different,) and also the a330 and a340 where the Lufthansa aircrafts’ thumbnails are different to every other thumbnail.

As I said before I know I am being extremely picky with the second point but I think the first point could be done and if it is it might encourage other people to purchase regions. I made and I applaud anyone who read the whole thing as it is a bit long winded and dull but it’s something I thought I’d mention mainly to see if anyone else feels the same way. By the way I’m not sure what category to put this in but I think features probably suits best.


Sorry I’ve never been good with words. Basically I’m mildly OCD and the airplane pictures aren’t all the same and the pictures for the regions aren’t using the best graphics.

By the way well done for reading it three times I don’t think I would’ve

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