New & Improved Shadow Rendering

I’m surprised no one has requested to fix the shadows in the sim.

Anyways…the shadows in Infinite Flight need to be fixed! During a plane landing or a takeoff, the shadows should get smaller/bigger in size and pan across the landscape the higher the aircraft climbs/descends. Currently, the shadows render from 0ft ~500ft AGL and disappears after the aircraft ascends past that. Maybe with the new weather rendering, as seen on the New Dawn posts, this would be the perfect time to improve the shadows.

Having new and improved shadows in the sim will definitely improve the realism! :)

Just imagine seeing this whilst landing:

What do you guys think? :)

If you do find this as a duplicate, I’m sorry, I looked everywhere.


This would be awesome! They should also make it sunny and bright, just like real life!

good idea ;)

You know what, I actually was gonna request this like a week or two ago, but i got distracted and forgot to post it. Nice idea!


I was thinking about this the other day. At the moment you can’t really see the shadows very well, so I think this is necessary. I wouldn’t say it’s a priority, however it will definitely be a welcomed addition!

I think you can see the shadow already, it just depends on how you set the time and visibility.

(Sorry that I’m two years late.)

This could also include how the shadow behaves during different times of day.
As you can see from these screenshots, the shadows do not adapt to the time-of-day…

…when in reality, the shadows would become more angled as it draws closer to dawn/dusk.

Also, take a look at this photo:

As you can see, it appears that the wing should be shadowing everything beneath it. (The time was set to “Noon”.) However, the landing gear shines as if it’s in direct sunlight.

These are two very minor details, but if attention-to-detail is what Infinite Flight is going for, maybe they could take this into consideration.

You win my vote!