New: IFAS Infinite Flight Air Show

Hello everyone and welcome to the Infinite Flight Airshow!

This is an event for pilots who dare to take aviation to the next level performing crazy stunts and breathtaking performances! Our forum has a lot of veteran pilots who know a thing or two about Acrobatics and so I invite all in this forum including Moderators Admins Developers and all you guys to join me in celebrating aviation by going back to our routes, props!

Through out the event you will be able to participate in tons of fly ins, solos and even formation! Imagination is the limit! Below are some of the events which will be happening!

Events: Fly ins with Air Force One
Solo acrobatics with prop planes only!
Formation flights with fighter jets and much MUCH MORE!

Region: Charlotte

server: Playground

ATC: not needed

Aircraft for Event: If you would like to participate in solo acrobatics then use the Super Decatholon or the Spitfire MVIII.

If you like Escort Ops then any Fighter Jet can be used!

Or if you would like To Be Escorted then you can be any Jet of your choice!

I also invite the clubs IFEP IFFG IFWP TPP to participate in this event!

Also some special guests who I worked with to create this event:
@Rotate @hubandspoke1

More special guests: @Maxmustang @Daniel_Smith @BBJMAX @Blackbird71
@masonh2479 @StikLover2 @Samuel123abc @Mats_Edvin_Aaro and much more!

Date and time is coming very soon so please stay tuned for more details! There may also be prizes on offer with this event but we are not fully finished with organising the event!

So without further do go grab your plane and get practicing! Thank you for reading this post and I am sure that you all will enjoy this event and make it a huge success!


Can i do aerobatics in a 747-8 and i can do a straught up vertical climb

I’m practicing with my f-22 right now!
If no atc is needed then why not make it on the free flight server so I can go 1000kts near the ground

What time is it?

I could do some loops with a 717 could I participate I would also love to know the day and time thanks

Please put it on advanced server i cna show everyone in a fighter jet how to not get violation and plus we get atc

And there might not be as many trolls

Thanks guys for all the feedback! I will update the details soon! Do not use the present details as concrete details! These may change but thanks guys for the interest! Keep spreading the word!

When you do come up with the final details, please change the topic title to follow the format followed by all topics in the Events category, thanks!

Could I do a vertical climb and a low flying pass in a 767?

Yeah no worries Sean! Just wanted to get some interest and we have nearly finished finalising the details! Will modify it by the midweek!

Hey man! We are negotiating bringing jets into acrobatics the only reason we didn’t add them is because there is a higher chance of crashing a commercial jet in acrobatics than a decathlon or spitfire!

Ive never ever crashed a 747 in aerobatics because my vertical climb goes up to about 8 thousand feet and i can takeoff on a 600 foot runway and land on a 3 thousand foot one

And it would be cool to do that. And then we could cordinate a flyby over the airport in a380s

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I can bring the shuttle carrier! I also have Air Force 1 for any fly by.

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Depends on how skilled the pilot is…

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Yeah, if he lets me do it, I will just have 4 passengers (crew), no cargo and just a wee bit of fuel.

Hey guys my co founder @Rotate has finalised the details for the event! If you could go and chec out his post that would be great! Thanks?