New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now accepting qualified pilots


While we don’t have a NG squadron yet if we find people we can staff one


I can help with that but I’m 13 and in school so I dont kmia niw much I’ll be available


And tall have a squadron that operates out if kxta?


You can message me for more information


Ok on messenger or on here?


Early flight back home to EGVN after yesterday nights BFT2.


Also EU Forces started with A10 operations 🙏🏽


Here at IFAEGAF we fly any time any weather, this also means we have to train all flying aspects including Air to Air Refuelling in any weather at any time.
Here we have SABRE20 @Chindle_1204 practicing AAR with our Basic Flight Training Sqn Commander and Officer Gp Capt @Jeno_Farkas over Wales and the Irish Sea at Sunset.


GAF’s Air National Guard!

Today the GAF established it’s first Air National Guard unit, the 139th of NY. Our Guardsmen will be part time pilots, requiring to fly one weekend a month unless called up by their State due to local emergencies. If you are looking at flying for the GAF part time or full time please message me so we can set you up!


ARRIVING at Boise, ID.
Very proud to be the newest member of the “SKULLS”
190th Air National Guard Fighter Squadron.
Come fly these amazing A10’s down low among the mountains of Idaho.


We have added yet another Air National Guard Squadron!!
The 157th out of South Carolina, flying the F-16!


The Air National Guard component is a reservist operation. GAF Pilots who are Guard pilots are only required fly one weekend a month. One month a year!
If you’re interested as a part time GAF Pilot please message us!


Global Air Forces announces the establishment of the 618 Air Operations Center. The 618 AOC will be the focal point of establishing weekly air refueling support to not only GAF but also IFC.

The 618 AOC will function for both the U.S and for NATO union nations and the United Kingdom. The AOC will also be the sole coordination for combat delivery of aircraft to theaters The GAF will be involved in by providing effective air refueling support to transiting aircraft across open sea and land.

Interested in becoming a part of the 618 AOC and Tanker Airlift Control apply on our site and be that mission support.

Cheers all!


IFAEGAF Euro Forces Division now proudly pronounces the Opening of No.1 Fighter Squadron based at RAF Lossiemouth.


Be on look out for our JEDI Callsigns in the Skies of IF flying the F-16’s and F-22’s.


GAF News

The 157th Air Guard unit from South Carolina arrived into McGuire, The 157th is on mandatory evacuation due to Hurricane Florence. The National Guard is on stand by to support their local communities after the storm.


(Photo cred to Maj Gen Clay Aalders, C130 Commander)


Right now the 139th New York National Guard has taken over a Search from the 71st Rescue Squadron. GAF deployed SAR after an aircraft went missing off the coast of Nova Scotia. Today crews from the 71st flew for 3 in a half hours so far. The 139th has been airborne on scene for about 30 minutes so far and continuing.


GAF meet an ENEV Norway!!




I applied some time ago via the Crew Center Thing- No Response…


I will be more than happy to look over your application.