New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now accepting qualified pilots


We’re back up and running


A10 pilots

Tonight GAF conducted operations with the newly formed 357th Fighter Squadron! We are currently seeking more pilots! Come join the fight!



Two of Euro Divisions No.11 Fighter Pilots have gained another milestone in their GAF career.
Today @David_Beckett & @classbravo553 have been promoted from Flying Officer to Flt Lt after doing great work and duty after passing there AFT.
Well done Gentlemen, well deserved


MRAF S Paddon
Euro CC


For the GAF operations don’t stop at dusk. Global air power is projected anytime anywhere. Captured shots form night training around CONUS.


@paperstream check your messages


ATLAS 251 from the 9th Air Refueling Squadron is airborne over KSUU in preparation for FNF. Will be making tanker orbit over Bay Area/ KSUU. Tanker will follow suggested refueling altitudes and speeds:


SHINEY8 from no.10 squadron will be airborne over KSUU/bay area if refuelling please follow published information by @Dubya on suggested speeds and altitudes


Calling all C17 Pilots!

Flash flight going off right now, 6 Global Air Forces C17’s are departing out of KTCM heading for KSUU, come along and join us for the flight!




Nice comao guys:-) looks good




Can‘t wait to include you to my Sq :)


Joint Forces 🙏🏽 A KC-10 from our US Division stopped for the Night at our Homebase. Our friends from overseas are always welcome. @Scott_Ellis_Paddon was paying attention on us in his F22 😏


The 31st Fighter Squadron’s F22s Patrolling The Skies!


Do yall have a division that would let me be based out if mbna? They have c130s,c17s,and refueled there.


@HadenJohnson not yet we have a KC10 squadron off of Travis right now we are looking at opening an east coast or Hercs are all over though


Ok well I was just wo during. If you open something that has a station at kbna hmu because I would live to help a d be a part of that squadron.


That might be a possibility


The air national guard operates out of kbna and kmem for the 118th wing.