New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now accepting qualified pilots


At least you found me here in IFC @Asneed8706 👌🏽😜. Glad to be an alliance with IFAE-GAF!! I’ll see you soon in the global skies of Infinite Flight. 🇵🇭🇺🇸#Brotherhood #Alliance


Effective immediately- GAF activates Air National Gaurd and Reserve component service for all interested parties. Apply today!

AT1.0: All member of the GAFNG/GAFRC will follow same training reporting instructions outlined in this document.
Furthermore all training phase requirements for guard and reserve component forces will remain the same as active duty. Training phases will consist of Basic or Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) and Advanced Flight Training (AFT).
Pilots in these positions will participate with active component squadrons, until the following occurs.
Unit manning allows for opening of guard/reserve unit (minimum manning strength for GAFNG/GAFRC 4 pilots.)
Pilots in the guard/reserve components will be held and bound to the pilot’s expectations outlines in this document.
Guard/reserve component pilots are open to same military airframe selection and dual qualification requirements as their active component pilots.
GAFNG/GAFRC pilots will maintain proficiency in their aircraft of selection and will be required to fly 4.0 hours a month or less based on when they came on status with their respective component. For example: A pilot passes process selection and graduates basic mid-month the active hour requirement would be pro-rated to only 2.0 hours for that month.
GAFNG/GAFRC will be considered local/ national response components. Pilots will be considered deployable after meeting all criteria. Mission sets such as disaster relief, CAPS Civil Air Patrol and MAFFS will be in this mission realm. Active component missions are also included in this list.
Flying hour waiver may be granted in certain cases and will be determined on a case by cases basis.
Pilots in the GAFNG/GAFRC will be granted access to the command center, slack and discord networks/coms.
U.S senior commander(s) will be responsible for the function and location of GAFNG/GAFRC installations. These decisions will be based on the needs of the overall force components.


Thanks to our Mission Support Crew who fly and work round the clock to keep us stragetically at the advantage anywhere in the world.

Here you can see Air Commodore @Leah refuelling MRAF @Scott_Ellis_Paddon on his way to Indonesia.

With out them we would and couldnt do our Jobs in fighting and supplying correctly and efficiently.


Do GAF have Slack/Discord or any means of communication.


Good morning,

Yes we use both Slack and discord to effectively communicate and meet mission objectives.


Exellence in all we do!

Mission Support is an important Part and many Missions wouldn‘t be Successful, when we weren‘t there…

In the Pic me, Air Cdre @Leah is doing a 35min refuel for MRAF @Scott_Ellis_Paddon for his way to Indonesia.


We ❤️ Our Tankers


And we Tankers love when Fighters (@Doug_Hamilton in this pic) actually connect ❤️



The IFAEGAF 99th Flight Training Squadron congratulates @Noah_Simonich on his completion of undergraduate pilot training at Randolph Air Force Base- #ExcellenceInAllWeDo


Back in the UK from Deployment after over 2.5 Months… Aaaawwww how have I missed those british Sunsets ❤️
Parked for the night under moonlight 🙏🏽


Who is the HoR I accidentally clicked off the registration form on the second part so I didn’t manage to send my stats, so I would like to know who it is so I could contact them and show them my stats.


it is @art_martinez @markstursy @Asneed8706 or @Scott_Ellis_Paddon


IFAE-GAF Euro Division is now open for Aerial Refueling on the Expert Server NOW CLOSED

Tanker on Station
Area Black Two West AR Path (Anchor filled, Check Map Link and Screenshot below)
Altitude FL250
Speed 270kts indicated
Timeframe for the next 4-5hrs

Everyone is welcome to get a Drink :)


Interested in joining in the fun 🤔


I`m there for the next 4-5hrs :)


Hey Luke,

Just following up on your registration that you submitted. What’s your nearest civilian airport to you in real life?


According to his bio, looks like EGPG.


Signed up last week. No return yet :-(


Hey Nick, shoot me a message when you have a chance with your local airport nearest to you as well as aircraft you’re looking to specialize in so that we can streamline the recruiting process. An image showing your stats is helpful as well. Thank you


Our Slack services are currently down as are all slack services according to the company themselves. I’ll update once back up