New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now accepting qualified pilots


Currently, the highest points at Red Flag.
Major Ryan with a score of 90 Points. (Fighters)
Lt Col. Tom Hogrefe with a score of 90 Points. (Cargo)
2nd Lt Williams with a score of 20 Points. (KC10)

With a total of 270 Points Red Team leads
With a total of 90 Points, Blue Team follows.


Red Flag from WARLORD’s POV

(If you look closely you can see a fighter jet chasing the C130)

Current Points

Red Total: 321
Blue Total: 241

Highest points currently:
Blue Team Pilot Lt WarWolf 156 points (fighters)
Red Team Pilot Lt Col Tom Hogrefe 90 Points (Cargo)
Red Team Pilot Lt Williams 40 points (Refulers)


It’s Major Ryan or are you talking about someone else.


It says Major
(insert embarrassed face) lol


The USCGIF and GAF in Red Flag 2018!
(Picture cred to the USCGIF)


USCGVA-IF’s USCG0111 flown by Chief Petty Officer Scott Paddon and GAF’s very own Crown1 flown by Brigadier General Clay ‘Clank’ Alders meeting up while on Costal Patrol around the Florida Coast.
Global Air Forces Strive to have and keep great relations and partnerships with other willing VA’s/VO’s in the IF Community.
(Photo Cred to USCGVA-IF)


RED FLAG 2018 is officially concluded, here is the final results

Official results:
Red Team: Total: 1543
Blue Team: Total: 1103

Top 4 pilots:
Alexander Pineda 567 Points
Jordan Williams* 305 Points
Matt Ryan 255 Points
Greg Gee* 200 Points
These four pilots are being awarded a 10$ Gift card for a superscription of Live! Gentlemen please contact Art for more information

Nate Schneller
Alexander Pineda
Scott Paddon
USCG Shifty

Other reorganizations:
USCGIF Pilots - For their participation
GAF Pilots - For making it to LSV on time and or before schedule


Final battle #RedFlag GAF “doors open comon in”


Looks like you guys had a great RF exercise! Here’s hoping my app gets processed and I’m
able to join up and Aim High. (Or per ardua as astram etc.)


We look forward to processing your application, one of our recruiters will reach out to you shortly as we go down the applications list.

Will speak soon! Cheers!



Hey wow! That’s great. Take your time though brother I’m not trying to jump the queue or anything.


Aerial patrol Keeping airspace secure 24 hours a day we pride our self in situational awareness of all Rules and regulations of IF on the expert server.


IFAE Global Air Forces are always ready to fight and protect.
But the guys in the backgorund never stop supplying and flying around the world to help in providing the essentials to our front line personnel.
Here you can see a C-17 taking off to provide aid relief in an area of the world that needs our help.
Join us in keeping the world going and keeping our frontline airmen and airwomen safe !!!


Front line forces are being preped on the ground for a send out.

Keep track of them here and if you want to join then sign up.


Right now, MAFFS2 and MAFFS3 along with 10 Tanker Air Carrier from IFFG are on their way to fight the Carrs fire in California/Oregon boarder.
A C-130 from the 71st RSQ and a C-130J from the 30th Sqnd joined after California requested the additional support of MAFFS


Nice applying! Happy to see in IF


We’d like to stay realistic!


Congratulations to our very own @Bryan02 for Passing out of Basic Flight Training Today and obtaining the new rank of Pilot Officer (PO). He has now been transfered from No.3 Training Sqn at RAF Brize Norton to No.11 Fighter Sqn at RAF Conningsby.

Well done sir


In this last week, Euro Forces Division has had 2 pilots pass out of Basic Flight Training and 2 that have been Advance Flight Training Qualified !!! We have had 1 pilot become MAFFs (modular airbore fire fighting) Qualified in a C-130J with 10 Tanker Carrier VA.

We have been busy and are all getting deployed very soon also so keep an eye out for future updates on our progress and what we are doing


I am pleased to anounce that after a significant sumit between IFPAF forces and Global Air Forces. An agreement was confirmed upon by both military entities. This agreement affords several opportunities for cross organizational missions, training and real world response of not only in the south Pacific AOR but globally. @Wyn2x I look forward to working closely with your exceptional and excellent group of pilots and officers. I can think of no greater bond and trust then this extension of our alliance and my extension to you as fellow pilot, officer and friend. Three cheers to IFPAF and the Global Air Forces long may our flags wave.