New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now accepting qualified pilots


Global Air Forces with collaboration of IFPAF, conduct humanitarian airlift operations to assist with recovery and supply transports to affected areas of Japanese flooding. This massive effort could not have happened with out the dedication and effort put in by both GAF and IFPAF. photo credits go to @Wyn2x


Three days till RF18-07. As A reminder all recruitment and entrance will be on hold till after exercise concludes. All participants should contact chain of command for scheduled departures. See you all in Las Vegas!



Forces from Europe have began their trek to get to Nellis Air Force Base. Red Flag 2018 has two different organizations joining us this year! To date this is our most complex operation, involving a ton of different aircraft, voice communication, scores ect. As forces continue onward we’ve deployed several jets to Japan and Puerto Rico for humanitarian aid.
This just shows how active and busy GAF is!


USCG-IF Virtual is excited to join and assist where needed! See you in a few days!


We are beyond proud to have the US Coast Guard - IF Virtual join us this year!


Global Air Force jets are enroute to Nellis Air Force Base for our Red Flag!



I guess you don’t know my IFC name in here Mr. Sneed πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚. It was a pleasure and the crew had a great time doing the flight simulation.


I learn something new every day @Wyn2x lmao! πŸ˜‚


Late night Red Flag arrivals into Nellis AFB. GAF will be taking over the airspace in a couple of days.


IFAE-GAF Euro forces fighter squadrons are in bound for Red Flag 18-07. Taken from ISR assets over the Atlantic.


How long before you guys start recruiting again? @Asneed8706


@Bryan02 recruiting and entrance will open up again the 23rd of this month.



EuroForces are inbound to Red Flag!


Gassing up our Euro forces to help them finish the journey across the pond


Lone Nevada test range inspection plot surveys the range for formatted and active mock targets. Various mock airfields and SAM sites were located and marked. Upon return a visit from VFA-256 stoped by for a photo op.


To the pilots of the 9th ARS and the 71st RQS.
Today the 71st RQS was awarded the Aerial achievement ribbon and Humanitarian Aid ribbon
The 9th ARS was awarded the Humanitarian Aid ribbon!


GAF UPDATE: 7-15-18

A few Red Force Pilots (Aggressors) at Dawn

Dawn of Red Flag

Today marks the first day where combat training begins in the skies over Nevada, also known as Exercise Red Flag. 20+ Aircraft from GAF and other participating VO’s will participate in Air to Groud attack operations. This is the first scenario in a massive simulated Air War.


July 12-15 #RedFlag2018 weekend images


Red Flag Statistics
Blue team Red team
1. 2.



Day three of Red Flag!