New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now Accepting Qualified Pilots


Please read above what I posted


We got a little surprise for you hog drivers shortly. A little present from your buddies in 30 squadron 😉🤣


GAF Europe A-10 Squadron based in Lakenheath involved in Advanced Flight Training of the No.10 ARSQ:

Other units involved with F-16, C-130, second KC-10…


Some action at RAF Brize today

Squadron Leader @AdamCallow doing an assault landing in one of No 30 Squadrons C130Js

Marshal @Scott_Ellis_Paddon also doing an assault landing in his C17

Adam and Scott in formation


Interested in joining GAF? Read more here


C-17 Training has started in the Euro Division.

If your Interested in flying C-17’s and love flying around the globe to remote areas to big Cities then come and have a nosey around.

Today is the first of many. @Jamie_Firth started his First Evaluation flight today before his Training with @Scott_Ellis_Paddon.

As a final judgment they did a close formation fly by before splitting to land.

Below are some Photos taken by ATC at RAF Brize Norton.

Hope to see you around in the Skies of Infinite Flight


You guys look great. Can’t wait to start my training. Won’t be my first love but this will be a great asset to EUR forces.


no10. Air refueling squadron
Over here at no10, we may not zoom across the english countryside at 1500knots, instead we fly high keeping our fighters going, if you are the kind of person who likes to sit back relax eat a donut and watch the scenery go by then this is the sqn for you. We have 4 current active pilots all dedicated to keeping our fighters and c130s in the air with their gas tanks fuel, join today! :)


Lol eating donuts while refuelling us eh mate? 🤣🤣🤣


30 squadron helping the people of Mali through aid and supplying the troops of UN mission Minusma with vital supplies.

@DadaBull taxiing in on Bamako airfield in Mali. Your author flew in just an hour before and was still unloading.

@DadaBull flying over the beautiful scenery of Morocco on his way to Mali.

Early morning departure out of Brize Norton en route to Mali.

Some more beautiful Moroccan scenery.

Flying into Bamako, Mali

Tower CACTUS4 has the field in sight.

If you think “This is what I want as well” contact a recruiter or message myself or @DadaBull directly and we look forward to fly with you!

All Out!


Hello all, to all new people here and for those looking at joining us. We now have an updated Website Link.
Please use the following link :




Another Great formation flight with the pilots of the 9th. Took off from KGSB and just proceeded to fly around the airfield while in a formation. When you fly within GAF flying in formation comes like a second nature to you and you can fly in Formation with ease. I highly suggest you join


Had been a week or two,didn’t got any response of my application,Ssorry for disturbing!


There’ll be Gunships over, the White Cliffs of Dover …


It’s not just about delivering the mail. It’s about keeping the many civilian planes over the UK safe and sound. Since we got a delivery of 3 AC-130 gunships 30 Squadron now has serious offensive capabilities

If this interests you - DM me or follow the link to our GAF homepage


Looking good @DadaBull 😊


@Asneed8706 this guy might need your help


Hey, I am interested in becoming a demo pilot!




Do you guys use discord?


Hello, sir, you cant just join us just for the demo teams. The demo teams are for the select few chosen


Yes, but our main comms is slack