New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now Accepting Qualified Pilots


Tried to follow the link but it seems broken. Anywho, I think @Scott_Ellis_Paddon and @anon93248082 can vouch for me.

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IFATC Specialist
2,500 hour real flight time
Airline transport rating
CL-65 Type rating


Try this


Christmas Eve in Beijing


They misspelled Air Force on those C-130s🤦‍♂️. I’ll have to talk to the paint shop🙄 lol.


The return of the GDN network is back in full swing. Check out this latest current events in our December issue.


GAF Euro division accepting new pilots!

GAF Euro is organized in 5 Squadrons

No 3 Training Squadron: TBM930 (Basic training) RAF Brize
No 10 Tanker Squadron: KDC10 RAF Mildenhall
No 11 Fighter Squadron: F16/F22 RAF Coningsby
No 30 Cargo Squadron: C130J, C130H, AC130, C17 RAF Brize
492nd Fighter Wing: A10 RAF Lakenheath

Great opportunities for active pilots! Log flights, advance in rank, get medals and other awards.

What we do: Cargo missions, Fighter missions, training missions, QRA (Quick Reaction Alerts), group flights and events.

We communicate primarily using Slack

Join us here

One vision, one team, one fight, one family.


492nd Lakenheath A-10 squadron as described to me- “The most professional ametuers in GAF”


Action at RAF Lakenheath today. Advanced Flight Training (AFT)/A10 Certification and AC130 test flight

Sqn Ldr C. Plappert climbing out after a T&G
This is GAF Euros first AC130, and it arrived only a few days ago.

Wing Commander and Commander for 492nd Fighterwing @Mags885 and Flight Lieutenant @Finley_Baverstock in formation with Sq. Ldr Plappert

Flight Lieutenant Finley B.

Two Gypsies. 492nd Fighterwing use callsign Gypsy

AC130 vs C17


2019 and already back in the sky !
We wish everyone a wonderful new year 👍


Brilliant photos - nice to see you were all having a good time while I was up to the Northland for engines. Happy to help the great Euro Division become even greater!


Thanks to the rapid response from the IFC moderator team our link to the website has been updated. Please see the link in the orginal thread post at the top.


Andrew M Sneed, General, GAF
U.S. Chief of Staff Air Forces


you guys got a naval division now?


Nope that’s our swedish team


The RAAF division also operates the F/A18


492d Sqn - "The Gypsies"

We have performed several missions this week, totalling somewhere in the region of 30 hours across our airframes. From practising Close Air Support, learning new procedures such as a Rolling Break approach to Air to Air Refuelling, we have welcomed new Warthog pilots into our ranks and an ever swelling Squadron. Want to join the most active Euro Squadron? - Come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough.

GY01Flight of 2 on climb out

Simple Formation practice prior to engaging some ground targets at Donna Nook Range.

GY41 peels left to strafe target

Taking gas off our friends at No. 10 Sqn, callsign SHINEY01.

Saying Goodbye after a long day.

GY01 on recovery in the beautiful Sunset.

Thanks to all at GAF, what a way to spend my free time. Particularly to @Finley_Baverstock, my wingman during this flight.


**30 Squadron GAF **
_Indonesian earthquake rescues. Hawaiian hurricane rescue operations. Top Secret intel flights over South American jungles. Combat ops in Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Fly on your own time, or fly with friends. Support your comrades around the globe.

If any of this appeals, come and join the “All Out” Squadron of GAF - 30 Squadron.

We have:

  • The highest average IF grade pilots in the GAF.
  • 8 decorations won by pilots in the last six months.
  • The best mess and bar in the game, with gourmet food and drink from around the world fetched by our own pilots.
  • The ability to land on rough strips, beaches, and in the jungle.

Contact a GAF recruiter or message me directly on here for help in taking your first steps to a glorious future.

Operation Slayer - night combat airdrop by 30 Squadron

Wing Commander Novick (@DadaBull) heading home over Kiev

Squadron morale is crucial to what we do - Christmas Card by Flt. Lt. Hoppenbrouwers (@B4ND1T)

Need we say more?


Puff the Magic Dragon in action over the UK today. Hat tip to @Plapps and Adam Callow for
bringing these beauties over here.



Hello, I’d like to join GAF, but I can’t access the page when I click on Join Us. Can you help me?
EDIT : I can’t access any website now.


I’m interested in applying as well - please advise when the website is available again.

Rob O


Feel free contact the following
@Andre_S (Europe)
@Scott_Ellis_Paddon (Europe)