New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now Accepting Qualified Pilots


Wow. Did you ever here of airman Jemmy Settle?


The book is all about him going through the pipeline and a little of him in action.



The GAF is currently seeking both active pilots in the United States, Europe and Australia.
If you are interested in flying in the largest active Virtual Military on IF, being a part of a team, learning special skills and dog fighting this is the place for you!

We are currently seeking the following type of pilots.
F16/F22 Pilots
C-130 Pilots
KC-10 Pilots
A-10 Pilots.

Please don’t hesitate to message me for more information!


Amazing video @Nate_Schneller !!


RIP that KC-10 with his cargo bay open


Another Great Flight with Col.Westcott as we countine to fly cargo and refueling mission all over the United States. Currently based in the 9th refueling squadron out of KGSB [Seymore] with a group of great people and a bunch of great pilots. Flying with some of the best pilots around really is a treat



Nice photos from our patrol in Ukraine today Matei. Pilots from Squadrons No 10, No 30 and 492nd attended. Flight lead MRAF Viking1.

Screenshot from LiveFlight:


Some photos from todays GAF flights in Ukraine

Escorting Sq. Commander of No 30 Squadron @DadaBull in his C-130J

F16 and A10s from 492nd at Osnova after patrol


Are you more Night or Day ops ?

Adam and myself after a CAS mission with Mags

B4andit back from Mariupol, lighten up of some tons


GAF Euro Divisions deployment to Ukraine has come to an end.
Mission success!
Thank you all, nice job!





Some live action unedited shots in real time from Operation Slayer showing 30 Squadron in action.


CACTUS1 bidding farewell to Kiev, capital of Ukraine, passing over the Dniepr river and the bridges of the City GAF helped to defend.


Even flying home is fun when @Scott_Ellis_Paddon is escorting you. Come join the 30 Squadron GAF. We always find ways to amuse ourselves in the skies.


I applied and was never contacted


Hey mate - suggest you message @anon93248082 and see what can be done. I highly recommend coming to fly for 30 Squadron in Europe.


#RecommendedFTW lol
I shot him a message thanks!


Merry Christmas and happy flying in 2019!


I love this pic mate! Absolutely gorgeous and nice scenery!


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