New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now accepting qualified pilots


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When you have to go around too many times and the wing King puts you on lawn detail. Thanks Mower!


A huge congratulations to @Evan_Westcott for making his cross into IFEA. Of course we celebrated in true fashion 😀. Congratulations on your outstanding accomplishment and welcome to the family brother!



If you went to a CIA website… you might have a little more trouble linking back to GAF from there and you maybe could expect a visit from some MIB’s


Thank you everyone for the help. I am currently getting this solved via PM. Thanks!



On 6 December GAF conducted a celebration flight to welcome a new IFAE member. During this time a group known as “IFGN” decided to attack this group. The inital attack was ordered by the IFGN chain of command. In Response the GAF has heighten security. On 7 December GAF responsed to the attack.


Finally a AIR FORCE group is doing war.


Not the first time we’ve done Military Operations


Ik but a full out war with other people not in the same vo. Cant wait to see more.


Day two of GAF/IFGN Armed Conflict

On going conflict - Please be aware this conflict is taking place on Casual server

The Global Air Force rolls into Operational Day two, yesterday the IFGN met the GAF for the first time in the air since their attack on GAF/IFAE pilots in Alaska. IFGN struck Randolph Air Force Base where GAF trains new pilots. The GAF returned and struck Pensacola Naval Air Station, both parties agreed that Randolph and Pensacola are currently unusable until they are fixed.

(Declassified of a GAF A-10 Striking the runways at Pensacola)

GAF dominated the skies when the two parties met over Southern Carolina yesterday evening.

(Declassified of a GAF pilot striking an IFGN C-17)

As the GAF goes into Operational Day Two.The GAF is preparing to strike This armed conflict began on 6 December when IFGN Command Staff order an attack on an IFAE/GAF celebration flight.
GAF allies have condemned the IFGN for this hostile .


GAF is currently recruiting for A-10, F-16, F-22 pilots along with C-17, C-130 and KC-10 pilots please don’t hesitate to contact myself.


GAF strike package conducts night BSA over KPNA. Preliminary reports indicate massive destruction to runways, taxiways and AMU pads restricting aircraft generation capabilities to this air station. Images captured from GAF F-16 targeting pod FLIR camera.


It was a somber occasion as GAF paid tribute to one of our own. Loss is never easy and when one hurts we all hurt. I was proud and honored to share this flight with so many GAF and to our officer. While the physical may be gone, the memory and love will always be in your heart. We have your six brother. May your healing be swift and may you know how much you mean to us. GAF always and forever.


How can I sign up for GAF


Apply at our website. Or drop @Asneed8706 a PM


IFPHG-PAF transporting out supplies to KRND. Glad we could help out @markstursy 🇺🇸🇵🇭 . Our pilots are on standby if you need immediate assistance.


Extremely proud to have taken over command of 492nd squadron, “The Gypsies”. This is me during my post flight checks after using my GYPSY1 callsign for the first time.

Be a part of the effort, join GAF today.