New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now accepting qualified pilots


The command center link does not work unfortunately, i tried that


yeah i’m grade 4 lol


Yes, you don’t sign up through the command center. You need to contact them via email first. If you have any further questions take it to PM with a global air force member mentioned above so you don’t clog up their thread anymore.


Hi Ghost! I am the Assitant Director of Operations for GAF. Shoot me a message and I will get you started with your application


To all GAF it is with heart felt sympathy and remorse that I bring you this news. One of our own lost their mother this past week. I will keep the officers name classified for privacy. I am deeply saddened by this and express my heart felt sympathy and love for our brother in Arms as I know they are dealing with a lot. We stand in solidarity with our officer and offer this simple formation of C17s missing man. God speed brother and God bless you in this difficult time. You are surrounded by friends and GAF family and we will always have your six. We will never leave an Airman behind. 🙏


Please dont run our thread, the GAF Staff will do that thank you.


Not running your thread, just something that applies throughout the IFC. And I was a part of GAF so no need to worry.


Thank you for helping to keep the channel and our officers in line. We do apologize for any misunderstanding and will be sure to follow IFC regulations to avoid any furture infractions. Cheers!


Andrew CSAF


Not an infraction or regulation, just a PSA as images take up a lot of space on the server.


This is an amazing display of the bonds within this community.
My wishes go out to whoever it was that experienced this loss. We’ve all got your back, stay strong.


Successful test flight over the Nellis Range complex. The A-10s airrived from depot this morning after extensive upgrades. Fleets are expecting updates over the course of the remaining week.


GAF Flight with @Dubya and @booster45 today 👌🏻


Hey, I fly naval jets only. Currently the only plane I know how to fly is F-14, looking forward to transfer to F/A-18E in 2019. Do you guys take naval aviators? Or maybe I can be friends of the GAF or something similar?


At times GAF coordinates with their companion armed forces… contact CSAF Gen Sneed for further clarification


Is that a VA/O?


I will have him contact you directly


Alright thanks


Bring in the Hawgs!


If only we had guns…BRRRRRT!


Can I have a link to join? I attempted cia website and it has come up with a invalid link