New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now accepting qualified pilots


That’s weird? I am able get to the site fine - I’ll PM you


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What do you mean?


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Departure out of PHNL to KADW after finishing the first return leg from IFVARB summit. Great event put together by everyone involved!



We have been extremely busy preparing for the next year of operations. In all the momentum the main registration site was updated as well. If you have been trying to register please see the new link attached below.


GAF Chief of Staff Air Forces


I have a question, about how long will it take for GAF to reply to a submission?

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We can get to you quickly. I’ll message you


Here are photos of 2 C-17 GAF pilots at Charleston. On is in training for multi certification. The other a fully multi certified C-17 pilot


Cargo mission from RAF Brize to Kabul.
50 000 kgs cargo

VIKING1 Enroute over Europe

Wing view

On approach to OAKB

Parked at OAKB



If it wasn’t hard enough - Night AAR

Seen through Night vision goggles


Photos of aircraft from different Squadrons

at Pope AAF, Nc and Charleston AFB, Sc.


Please no more than 10 pictures in a post.


My fellow gaf pilots our time has come the rise of the A-10 is near


Indeed.You guys must be overwellmed to have a live cockpit in one of your aircrafts


Can I still apply for IFAE or GAF?


Yes You are free to apply.


Do u know how to apply to IFAE? and the GAF command center link is broken


But you need to have access to the expert server


You may only apply to IFAE-GAF, not IFAE as its invite only. To apply, go to the GAF website and hit contact to start your journey. Please note you must have access to the expert server and have honorable stats.