New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now accepting qualified pilots


I would join GAF but im more into the commerical flying than military flying.But usually if I watch couple vids about something I turn out liking it 😂


Always do what makes you happy :) cheers!


please join me in recognizing two of our outstanding General Officer’s and join in congratulating them on their selection to O-9 Lieutenant General.

Grade/rank will be updated on CC center 24hrs to 48hrs from time of this post.



Please join me in congratulating another officer as he crosses over from Field Grade rank to rise to the the ranks of General Officer’s. Congratulations on your well deserved selection and I as well as GAF HHQ staff look forward to seeing more of your dedication and hard work as a GO.


Flash Flight happening in 15 mins from this post.

Server: TS
Location: KLSV

Objective fill the base!

Any military aircraft, qualifications do not apply.


As mentioned serval times we have been working to establish our influences globally. This next announcement stems from just that. By trust of president of GAF and under advisement of of GAF HHQ staff officers, we have selected an officer that encompasses the true body and mind behind dedication and excellence. This selected officer has been chosen to lead the newest arm of influence to a very remote but also large global partner with Australia. This selection affirms establishment of the Global Royal Australian Air Forces or GRAAF for short. It also affirms appointment of a new Chief Air Marshall of the RAAF in @Jacob_Pevere. Please join me in officially welcoming our newest brothers in service the GRAAF and the highest rank appointed to an officer of this service MARAAF Jacob Pevere.


Please also join me in congratulating our newest commander to the No. 30 squadron @DadaBull . He has been entrusted to lead and build this distinguished squadron and I and the rest of GAF HHQ have full confidence he will carry out and meet these responsibilities.



Some shots captured from C17 Advanced Flight Training. Featured is our new MRAAF @Jacob_Pevere and our C17 certed instructor and current U.S forces commander Lt Gen @Jarek_Sydry. Looking to take on this magnificent beast of an aircraft? We are looking for you as well. Join our Air Mobility Command (AMC), Royal Australian Air Force Division or our Euro Forces and experience the power and might of this mobility monster. Apply today!


With the Display Season now drawn to a close. It is a pleasure to say that this year had been absolutely amazing and has shown the great worth of commitment, deditcation, discipline and teamwork that the IFAEGAF Demo Team Wing have all put in !!.

With a shout out to the Two founding Teams, that of the F-16 Viper Demo Team Lead by Commander of the Demo Team Wing @DeltaMD88Fan

& the F-22 Raptor Demo Team Lead by Brig Gen @Nate_Schneller and follwed by 1st Lt @Toxic_Inferno7 . They together have put on splendid shows across the US and have shown the greatness of who and what and why we are IFAE Global Air Forces.

Secondly the next greatest and most jaw dropping display of them all is the KDC-10 Tanker demo team Lead by MRAF @Leah who shows the capability of the Tanker with the end show being an Areial Refuelling Demo with The Herc Demo Team.

Thirdly we have the Heritage Demo Team which shows the dedication first hand. Flying Lead in the formation as Spitfire we have HQ Liason @Scott_Ellis_Paddon , in number two slot have @DeltaMD88Fan flying the F-16, in number 3 slot we have the F-22 alternating between @Nate_Schneller and @Toxic_Inferno7 And as a closing to the season we introduced number 4 slot with the A-10 flown by @Leah

We also had the Hercules C-130 Demo Team flown by @Scott_Ellis_Paddon which teamed up with the Tanker Demo along side his Display too.

Next Year is going to be Amazing with the Introduction of 2 new Demo Teams !! The first being the A-10 Demo Team lead by @Leah

and the C-17_ Globmaster III Demo Team lead by @Toxic_Inferno7

We want to say thank you also the the HQ Command of IFAEGAF for allowing us to perform alongside our Squadron Duties and Operational Duties.
We also want to say thank you to the Announcers that have done there part both Military and Civi as with out them our shows would not be possible.

We hope to see you next year…and from us here at the IFAEGAF Demo Wing…Goodbye.


As the sun dipped over Europe yesterday, pilots from GAF around the globe came together to remember those who gave their lives for our freedoms. With pilots flying the Spitfire, P38, F16, C130, F22, KDC10 and A10 each branch of IFAE Global Air Forces was represented.


We at IFGN salute you all!


IFAE-GAF delegates in route to the IFVARB 2018 summit. All parties have aririved and are scheduled for departure later today. GAF1 was recieved by component fighter aircraft.


What is IFC profile in the enrollment process?


Simply put your IFC Name in there. If it’s Alaska170 you put Alaska170.


Got it… Thanks.


GAF On Fire!

As lit as we are, right now GAF MAFFs (Modular Airborne Fire Fighting Systems) have been requested to support both the Camp and Woosly fires in California. GAF’s C-130s and DC-10s are launching to strike the Camp Fire. A TFR is up for aircraft with in the area.


Issue Date : November 12, 2018 at 0137 UTC
Location : PARADISE, California
Beginning Date and Time : November 12, 2018 at 0200 UTC
Ending Date and Time : January 11, 2019 at 0200 UTC
Type : Hazards


Some recent photos from just some of our activity to include the IFVARB summit and others.


Status of GAF update.

Currently GAF is beginning to reorganize and restructure our policy and procedures. As we look to the future and our near approach of our 2 year anniversary celebration, we continue to strive to improve our environment and operations envelope for all our officers. Policy shapes organizations and it begins at the very entry into GAF. Effective 21 November 18 GAF will implement cadet aptitude test. This testing will gauge a cadets knowledge on basic ATC/UNICOM usage, Flight knowledge and finally GAF 11-1 policy and procedures. Cadets will need to make an 85% or higher to proceed into GAF flying training.

Finally I am pleased to announce that GAF has signed a contract with a premier and highly recognized VA of the proffesional staff at BAVA which will begin flying our European and overseas counterparts to traning and reporting installations globally. We are excited to have BAVA on board with our other partners and allies and truly look forward to seeing this relationship grow.

As stated above we will continue to strive to bring the very best to GAF and be representatives to the IFC community. If you are looking to join our organization, please apply through our website and we will respond in the best time frame available. If you have already applied and our pending your application processing. Thank you for your patience and we will be speaking with you soon.


Andrew M. Sneed, General, GAF
Chief of Staff Air Forces

“Excellence in All We Do”


Wing Commander Novick @DadaBull of no 30 Squadron on approach to RAF Brize in his C-130J


Gorgeous! Meant to ask … can I use one of those as my pic for the IF forums?