New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now accepting qualified pilots



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As GAF exercise FG prepares to kickoff our intelligence section has been assesing the various targets that will be simulated durring operations. Our Sim OPFOR uses a series of intergrated new and legacy surface to Air Missile or SAM complexes. The SA-6 Gainful is one such legacy system. Deployed durring the Yom Kipor War the SA-6 was a deadly asset for pilots that found themselves in its acquisition radar sights. The SA-6 is comprised of a total of 3 AA missiles per transporter erector launcher or (TEL) for short. The SA-6 can deploy in as fast as 5 minutes to Time on Target or (TOT) its self propelled and is a clasic shoot and scoot system. A standard SA-6 site will have a variant of multiple support vehicles and radar compliments to help it accomplish its mission. Below is just some of the key technical data and capabilities of the SA-6 system.

Operating Range: 22km
Deployment time: 5 minutes or greater
Missile load: 3
Missile max speed M2.8
Recation time to MLOCK: 28 Sec
Max speed of Destroyed target: 600
Max effective range: 24,000 meters
Min effective range- 3,700m
Min with radar- 100m
Min with optics- 50m
Reload time- 10 mins
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1S91 STRAIGHT FLUSH engagement radar
Purpose- short range target acquisition
Control ability- 3 SA-6 TELs
Max range- 60-90KM
Max detection alt- 10,000m alt

This concludes this GAF intel brief.


so we are talking about GAF or IFAE


It would be GAF. The IFAE is the commercial side I doubt they want to tangle with this item lol.


luckily im in contact with Doug to retake my test


IFAE is an awesome family to be apart of they taught me a lot and along with some awesome frienships, become mentors to me as well. Best of luck on your test!


i have to wait a month becuase i have 725 landings and 1725 flights and Doug wants me to lessen the amount of landings to flights




At this time Global Air Force Operation Frozen Ground has began with air to air combat. If you are flying over the following countries:
Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania airspace, be cautious. Global Air Force is using the following tags
“NATO” and “RED” if any one with those tags harass your airliner/civilian aircraft, you may report it to the “WARLORD” who are the following members.

@markstursy - US Forces General
@Leah - European Forces Commander
@Asneed8706 - Secretary of Defense - US
@Scott_Ellis_Paddon Ministry of Defense - Europe


Careful out there boys!


Love the realism in this VO!


It’s a great Virtual Military!


Sent application 👍🏽


When a radar controller sees an IFAE-GAF group flight, they breathe a sigh of relief!
integrity, respect, professionalism


We like to keep busy as GAF!



GAF Special Forces Squadron

The GAF is currently recruiting pilots to be apart of the Special Forces Squadron, these pilots will be qualified fly a multitude of aircraft. If you are interested in joining contact one of the following:
@Asneed8706 @markstursy

Australia/New Zealand Forces!

The GAF has set up forces in Australia - We are currently recruiting pilots, if you’re interested in joining the Australia/New Zealand Forces. If you are interested please apply on our website!



451st Air Expeditionary Group deploying as we speak to Afghanistan. A10 Pilots🐗 Come join the fight.


Global Royal Air Force (GRAF) Needs you! We are looking for UK/European based personal to join our ranks. Contact us today if you are looking to step up into this role as a GAF officer.


If you’ve come here for dogfighting, the new Joint Weapons School will come in handy. This new level of education will tell you everything aerial tactics. Here’s a sneak peek of the intro to a JWS tutorial video.


Attention Special Missions Aviators. GAF is looking for pilots who are willing to go to the most remote areas and places that Infinite Flight has to offer. We are recruiting for our Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). Pilots can expect a high deployment rate and rotation cycle. These pilots can also expect to perform GAF intelligence and Reconnaissance sorties in light aircraft such as the C208 and TBM-930. If this an area that interests you please contact us and be apart of the “First to know, first to go”


Good afternoon, we have quite a few members who have performed extraordinarily in duty to GAF service. Command has therefore seen it fit to promote these members based on performance and flt hours.
These promotions came with a cut off if 70+ hours achieved. Please congratulate the following members on their selection to their next grade in GAF.

STEP promtes based on hours performed and time in grade

General offficer selections are still pending confirmation stay tuned for pending release.

Grade/rank will be updated on CC center 24hrs to 48hrs from time of this post.


Excellent thread, good luck!