New IFAE-GAF Official Thread - Now Accepting Qualified Pilots



The IFAE Global Air Force Division (GAF) is a dedicated organization of the most advanced network of military pilots within Infinite Flight.
Excellence in all we do” is more than a catch phrase. It is one of three pillars that represent our core values. All of our officers and pilots play a key role of strategic necessity from the most junior officers to our General officers corps. Our emphasis is on the value and worth of our pilots, as they serve as the organizational heartbeat of the IFAE-GAF. We lead from the back ensuring no airmen is left behind while looking ahead to the future, planning and preparing to meet the objectives of today and beyond.

We are teachers and mentors in all domains of military aviation. We learn from each other and grow from our shared experiences. We fly, fight and win together.

One vision, one team, one fight, one family.

We are IFAE Global Air Forces.

Are you ready?

—————————Our Website—————————-
IFAE-GAF Website




Presidential and staff airlift
VC25A;C-32A(757);C-40B(737); Cessna Citation X

C130H/J/J-30; C17A

F22A; F16C; OA-10C

Mission Support


President/Commander in chief
Commander IFAE-Global Air Forces
@Asneed8706 **
Director of Operations
Media Division commander
Commander 1st Air Forces
Commander 2nd Air Forces
Clay Aalders
Commander 3rd Air Forces
Marshall Euro Forces
Euro Forces Fighter Training Staff
Commander 336th Fighter Sq
Euroforces Tanker Commander
Chief Standards and Evaluations
Director Cyber Intelligence & Network Operations


Fly In Career Mode

Work your way through the ranks from 2nd Leautinent to 4 star General. Earn citations and Decorations by accomplishing and logging sorties in our dedicated command center. Get simulated mission familarization with mission’s like Close Air Support (CAS); Air Interdiction (AI) Critical Care Air Transport (CCAT) and many others. We operate as fly from last location organization, deploy like real Airmen to Worldwide locations and train like USAF Airman with our dedicated guides and manuals based off US Air Force Instruction.



Get inducted into a brotherhood of squadrons from Fighters to Heavies there’s a home for you



Apply Today
Seeking Grades 3 - 5 with acess to expert sever; must have low vio to flight ratio.


Glad we have the page back!!


Finally got my down time lol. Back in action brother.

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This sounds amazing I would like to join


Hi you can send an application from here and one of our recruiters will be in touch.

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Haven’t seen the thread in a while. Well, back to posting GAF updates! 😂

By the way Commander, you missed the “div align=center” that was in the last thread

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It would appear so lol. I’ll fix that today.

History tells the story of the past. It is forged by those who had the courage and determination to dream big and make a difference and it all started with one persons idea. AirPower is innovation. The IFAE-GAF is the change.

Prepare for the future by understanding your past.

Always awesome to see the cooperation between airfighters, c-130s and KC-10s 🛩️

(Taken during a refueling session yesterday ⛽)


i think i applied to it but i got a Email saying i havnt been active. i didnt even do training

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I already sent an email to be part of ifae, but never got an answer.

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applying to GAF means not you get into IFAE ;)


Plus my interest and get into the ifae, at the moment meeting all the necessary requirements.

More did not get return, I do not know if the email I sent was correct.

@Candido_S we changed the ways to get into IFAE… We are no longer accepting Join Requests and operate a invite-only System. best thing you can do is getting into GAF and show us that it`s worth to get you an Invite into IFAE.


GAF is a great way to get your foot in the door to IFAE even if it is just in reserve capacity. As alot of GAF end up getting brought into IFAE. But as stated above that just depends on the pilots activity. 😉

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I did not understand, but now I understand, thank you. What is the way to report to the GAF?

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This is admirable by all of IFC.

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We fly Cargo Runs or Refueling Missions on daylight times


But we also are ready to operate at Night.
I‘m prout to lead the Euro Tanker Wing
In the picture are @Andre_S and @Harry_Cook aswell as myself

Nighttime Pictures are taken by @Harry_Cook


Meet candidate requirements listed here. Then register with our command center. Read the current 11-1 in our Manuels section then report to your training location per your time zone. After registering you will be brought into the appropriate channels on our Slack. For more questions feel free to reach out to myself or our contacts above. Cheers!