New IF setup

damn, I still got my phone in my Hands and Im fine with it !

It’s a good joystick for the price. I have that exact one. Works great!


Awesome setup! I have the same joystick and throttle.

@MileHighFrank Don’t forget to post this brilliant setup here!
What's your normal IF setup?

Nice setup! I’ve used that joystick too.
However, I don’t use my joystick as much as I’d like. This is because it always takes at least 45 minutes of me closing and re-opening LiveFlight and restarting the iPad and computer to get it to connect to Infinite Flight. It works perfectly on an iPhone hot-spot, but that tends to use too much data for longer flights.

I followed the Joystick Tutorial instructions for iOS.

Was easy to set up!

You’ll need to install LiveFlightConnect on your PC and make sure your PC and Device are on the same network.

Thanks! It took some time but happy with this set up! :)

Great setup I use the t flight hotas x. It is a great joystick to use.

I use an iPad and hands lol


That is a very nice setup!!

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I have that joystick for FSX

Same! I would love one like this one day!

But I do have a setup which is probably not compatible with IF.


It’s a night flying picture, you can’t see the whole setup. It is more like a DIY project.

Most important thing is the WOW Mouse lmao


For X_Plane 11, Swiss?

For X-Plane 11, just get VR :D
You can look in every direction, and all of the instruments in the cockpit work like in real life (which is better than buying tons of expensive equipment).

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VR requires a powerful VR-ready PC AND it needs a $200+ VR headset…
I don’t really think it would be very much cheaper.
Plus, I would imagine trying to use those hand controllers and would be finicky…

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Ok, fair point
You need to have a good PC before you invest any money into VR.
But “precision” flight instruments for flight sims can cost upwards of $200 for each panel, which I think is absurd.
VR is actually very cool, you move your hand to adjust things as if you’re there in real life. And the yoke/joystick in the VR view works very well too. (I use my VR hands to control the virtual yoke instead of using my real life joystick while looking around in VR; the virtual yoke is surprisingly precise.)

I just think spending money on VR is better than buying a yoke, pedals, 5 instrument panels, and then 3 monitors (which even then have a limited view). XP11 already needs a good computer to run, so chances are the computer can handle VR if it’s running XP11 well.
Except one thing: you better have hand controllers, or else it’d be a nightmare :D

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That’s true… and I do understand how VR works with hand controllers.
I would think that trying to use hand controllers for a yoke and throttle would be kind of finicky… I guess not.

Holy crap… What simulator do you run?

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