New IF Photo Competition

Hi guys as the previous photo competition has just finished I have decided to make another one, anyone can post a photo and have fun but there are some rules that need to be followed.


  1. The photo must be your own photo
  2. You can post 2 photos and replace both of them 4 times if you don’t like it
  3. Do not be unkind to a person if you don’t like their photo
  4. Have fun

Voting begins 19th of April
And Results will come out on the 22nd of April

May i ask why a new photo competition is required when one have just ended? Just a general question. Are we going to have back to back photo competitions all the time now? :)


That’s what the #screenshots-and-videos category are for. To show your photos (:



Closing this for the time being while we will discuss how to best handle this within the community.
We all love to see some great photos and competitions can be great fun. But no one likes to see too many and back to back competitions all the time :)

We’ll work on finding a more structured way to this moving forward!
Thank you for your contributions.