New IF menu!

Read Matt’s post :)

Then they should eliminate those extra buttons, they don´t have an actual function.

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Which buttons?

“Help”, “Request a Region”.

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This looks so cool! Especially the “Air Traffic Control” icon. I really hope this new look gets added.

It’s really great! The events & news are pulled directly from the forum. This is why (once this update comes out) it will be super important for events to have proper title format so it shows up in IF correctly.


Be expecting an influx of new users following the update.


This new update will get a lot of attention


Yeah, LOL.

Person: Infinite Flight has a community?! Imma join😈


I think the background may be interactive. All white dots is a plane in Live, as the first video with the world map.

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It doesn’t mention AM/PM but the refreshed menu looks good!

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This makes getting your title right sooooooo important as it is where Matt gets the data from- get it wrong, and well it’s a good test to see if he has handled his exceptions :)


I hope they finally add a physical moon. Because there are already moon reflections on very high rendered aircraft in IF

how do u get it ?

The reflection?

the new menu

They got this picture from Matthieu Laban, a developer of Inifnite Flight.

Ik i follow matt but there were instructions on how to get this new menu and talked about going to a forum ? where is this forum ?

This is the forum. The community is the forum. All events listed in this community will show up on the IF menu. This is coming in the next update


oh ok got it

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