New Ideas for the forum!!

so many of us in the forum have many ideas to share about what could be added!
so instead of just making several topics for one feature, why not post them all here for the devs to look at instead of posting so many topics!

put your ideas for the community here!
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my idea:
there are many people who just started using the infinite flight community forum, so instead of instantly giving people the ability to post topics, why not make the rules of topics more stricter so we don’t end up with so many topics being closed!


To my knowledge, there are Trust Level rules for #real-world-aviation, #features etc.

It is also advisable to request for features for IF In #features category.

We have the feature category in place to have a topic for each feature request (it also allows us to vote for certain feature requests). If we had one topic for all of them, the discussion would be a madhouse.

Also, we already have several categories that new users can’t post in right away, as @Jet_Airways_995 mentioned. Oh, and just for the record, it’s not just new users getting their topics closed.