New idea for payment instead of real money

Terrible idea. There’s plenty of free content already, for one. Secondly, no one forces people to pay for content - once they buy the app, they are welcome to use what’s available to them for free. This includes a number of regions, and a number of airplanes (C208, Boeing 717, 747 and others - which, might I add, also get updated from time to time, also for free). Thirdly, it is not any fault or responsibility of FDS that people with no job cannot obtain in-app purchases. And once you pay for an aircraft or region, any updates to it in the future are also done for free, without having to repurchase anything.

FDS are transparent with their pricing, and give you the opportunity to pick exactly what content you want. Given the amount of time invested in developing and testing in each new feature (and the work of volunteers who give up their time to do things like rework the airport layouts), nothing sounds sillier than “in-game coins” or “make it free”.

This is a flight simulator, not Train Surfers


So I need to wait for my food at the restaurant, and it should be free? Excellent logic here ladies and gentlemen.

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Agreed, contrasting viewpoints being shared in a respectful manner is essential to public debate.

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This is an idea that works well in other apps, but would detract from IF. I personally do not like apps that request you make a certain amount (of coins) to upgrade, because I feel that you are then forced to play more and more to get the best stuff. Plus, IF is the main job of the devs… a job means earning an income, one that is made from the various IAPs in IF. The other good point made is that there are plenty of free planes/regions, and all these needs no levels unlocked, etc. Also, Live+ is a good alternative for those that don’t want to shell out so much money for every individual plane/region while paying for live at the same time…

First of all, there would not be any new planes or liveries.
Second of all, who care about 1stars when people like me who think that this game is awesome, and believe that the Devs are great, are rating the game 5stars, anyone else agree?

Then it more like a game

And wich other iPad sim has live controllers
Even the laptop Sims don’t have real ATC then you most download squawkbox here the only thing you download is the game and the planes

I dunno. C130 kthanksbye

No real money = no real updates😖

I think I have a better solution the argument is that devs need money vs ppl what free content , why not rent out loading screen for signage so as to keep your servers running , why not rent out signage spaces at different airports in different regions like the real airports do now that money can be utilised to help in further development , maybe special events can have sponsors etc . Now if this was all possible it would change the whole pricing of the game and have more people join live and buy the game as well , more people live will mean more money for FDS in such cases and even larger servers etc . Now I do believe a ranking system is well deserved it keeps people motivated and will reduce the trolls as well , but I feel xp system algorithm sux , any one can take their plane up to 30000msl and keep auto pilot engaged for hours , that is not xp that’s cheating as no experience is really gained , it should be a cumulative of quality and quantity . That being said rewards can be given based on this system as bonus content , like rare liveries , special aircraft , maybe even a special region .
To me I believe this is the best solution to everyone’s problems

I think that it could POTENTIALLY be a good idea, but they would have to include in app purchases to buy the coins and fhe prices of the coins would have to be ENOURMOUS and even then this feature wouldn’t allow the devs to mame as much money. But, I also think that the devs should make a little more content free. For example, they could create free triials where you can “test fly” the planes to see how they are or they could have given us at least one of the a320-18-19 aircraft for free. Overall I would say it has potential, but I’m pretty sure it won’t ever be implemented into the game.

Threads like this annoy me. It’s like your employer saying, we’ll pay for your first years wage, but each year afterwards you will work for free. But don’t worry, every hour you work you gain “1 credit”. Once you’ve worked 100 hours you can have a free cheeseburger on us!! It’s utter ridiculous. The devs are not greedy. Your buying a product off them. A product they have designed and created in there own time. Do you go into McDonald’s and say “hey, I’m not going to pay $5 for a meal because your just being greedy” or, are you being greedy because you want everything for free? I believe in freedom of speech but I’m sick of seeing these posts. These should be locked and deleted straightaway. Bad Moderating in my opinion and I’m quite sure the devs are also sick of seeing and responding to the same question over again