New idea for payment instead of real money

Hello FDS. Lately you are making all the planes and regions for payment. A lot people are rating this game 1 star because of payment. I have an idea that will get all those stars up to 5’s. You should add a money part to the game. Every flight that is successful, you get 100 coins added to your account. You put a curtain amount of coins for each plane and region. We will have to fly until we get those coins to buy these planes instead of making us pay real money. So if you do add this to the game, the planes and regions that people already bought will still be there but the planes that didn’t get bought will be added with a curtain amount of money. Add a 0 to the price that’s already there. For example, for a 4.99 plane or region, add a 0 then the coins you need to make up to buy the plane will be 4,990 coins. Makes sense right. Same thing for the 2.99 planes, 3.99 planes, 4.99 live month, 49.99 live year. I hope this can get added to the game. I think it would make it a lot more fun to play this game. Share what you think about this idea and if it should be added.

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Then based off of your proposal, there would be no new planes and regions.

IF has a 4.5 rating on the app store so a couple 1s don’t do much damage


What do you think. Should it be added

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I agree with loads of ideas but with this one I Do not

The aircrafts are very hard and time consuming to make and at the end of the day you want to pay the devs for what beautiful flight dynamics and aircraft modelling they have done, I don’t mind paying £4 because I know it’s going to a good cause :D for a better future for IF.


You know they need to make money to keep running this game and for their life in general don’t you?


They get money for paying for the app. Are you saying you want to pay this

Plus I need to point out another thing. This is NOT a game, it is a simulater so keep that in mind :D


Pay for all these planes and regions

Yes, to reward the devs with what amazing thing they have created

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This is a valid discussion. Don’t flag topics just because you don’t like them ;)


I agree that we need to reward them. But they’re getting greedy

What about for every hour you work in real life, you earn some coins, that you use to pay for airplanes? ;-)

We have given plenty of free stuff… The 747 was redone, the 737 as well and the 321 will be free… then taxiway lines, new airplane rendering, runway numbers… we give those features for free…

Imagine if you bought the app for $5, 3 and a half years ago, you have so much more now, for no additional payment… it seems fair that some of the things are paid…


I never said that there are nothing free. I said most of the things that are cool you have to pay. Everyone was waiting for the A320 A319 and A318. All of them we have to pay for. The A320 and 319 I get but the 318 is just like the 737. Small. It should be free.

Since its thankgiving they should lower the prices so the devs give back for what we paid for as a thanks

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Exactly. Or it should be Black Friday deals.

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@Swang007. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder Sean. This is just another take on “Free Stuff”. Your decision, I respect it. Max

(A Courteous Tone is contagious! And “Like” has nothing to do with it)


And I believe it’s healthy to have discussions like this, rather just to shut them out without reason. As you can see, a valid question was validly answered by Matt. This topic can now be looked back on in case anybody has questions on FDS’s pricing. That’s how forums work ;)

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Made a poll for this:

  • Yes! Currency in game would be a great idea.
  • I’m not sure
  • No! Currency in game would be a bad idea.

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Just quoting from the Facebook page:
“Until we come across the everything’s free leprechaun, next rainbow for sure.”

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We can pay for the version where we go from region to region when that comes