New Idea for ATC Training


Perhaps someone would like to start a program where TS controllers can send in replays of their ATC sessions to some IFATC members? The IFATC people would then review the footage and give feedback to the TS controller’s ATC session.
This could be useful for people who are training to become IFATC members. It makes training easier for those who require flexible schedules and/or live in different time zones. This could possibly even a branch added to the ATC Education Group?

I’ll throw this idea out in case anyone is interested in using it.


Couldn’t someone just PM a IFATC controller or even a trainer and ask for feedback on there latest session. Most of us (I hope) would be open to assistance and giving feedback


Like the idea of it, maybe have like a thread you could post the videos on and have ifatc’s comment on it?

Only issue would be of course the tons of people who’ll post on it expecting an instant reply, but I like the idea of it!! I’m training for my practical and don’t wanna bother my trainer all the time, so something like this could maybe come in handy!


@Plane-Train-TV Yes, but if someone could make this idea into a major ATC program, there could potentially be an entire team working to review the replays. This way, responses can be made more quickly and efficiently.

@Kian_Abbasi The idea of a thread dedicated to this sounds like a nice idea.


Way ahead of you, that’s all I have to say. :)


Oh you legend xD lovely stuff


It’s an interesting idea. Are you currently training to become IFATC?
What would the name of this organization be?


It will be very good for training, for sure.


Not really, but I’m considering joining some time in the future.
The name would be up to whoever starts the program, I don’t want to influence that decision.

I trust that @Trio already has something in mind. :)


It’s almost like ATEG, but that died down


As far as I know, ATCEG is still quite active.


we’re active with posting on media sites and youtube.
I mean we could take in videos of people and their atc session… But we’ll leave that up to @Trio


So ATC replay is also for training server?


Yes, it thankfully is available on TS.


Oh ok. I didn’t know if it was. I don’t control on TS because I am IFATC but it’s nice to know that it also is on TS


IFATC Recruiting and Training is done in a manner which ensures consistent training across the board. I’m sure that the team will arrive at a solution for this which maintains the integrity of consistent feedback, so as to avoid conflicting advice and/or replies.


Submit them here:


Ask @Oliver02 if you need any help rather then starting a group.


If you’re talking to trio, then lol, because I’m in the ATCEG and we will be taking in vids…