New Ibom Air Airbus A220-300


Ibom Air has recently taken delivery of its first A220-300 that comes from their order with Airbus instead of being wet-leased from EgyptAir. This means, that their full livery also has been applied to the aircraft. I think it is now time to request this colorful livery to add to the number of liveries from Western Africa and Nigeria in particular.

Don’t think this livery will ever come. Where would you fly to, only one nigeria airport is 3d. Very disappointed.

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Are you sure about it? Keep promoting this livery and you might awaken the airport editors’ interest in this region, and they’d be inclined to do more 3D airports there. You never know. :)

(Also, 3D airports not always have influence in adding new liveries.)


With the airline expanding across Nigeria and soon Africa with the new aircraft, it will surely gain recognition and more and more people will be interested in it. As for the 3D airports there isn’t really a solution for now, but over time airports will be added for sure, also fuelled by the aviation expansion in Africa.

First vote. It’s a pity they unveiled it only now on an aircraft, I don’t like the previous livery at all.