NEW: I can help you to manage spawn gates for your event!

Hello guys,

When i’ve help @JFKPlaneSpotter with this event for manage parking spawn points, it was very very great and i had love to make the parking managment.

If you own an event with a lot of planes, you can DM me or tag me in your event when you need gate booking to be sure all pilots spawn togheter or in a continuous gates numbers.

This is an example here what i can make (you tell me for a gate and i will add you in the gate list of the event,


Excellent idea. Why not just writing “taken/occupied” to the aprons, instead of the names of the forum members?

its more easy for find who have taken.

I have booked himself the G9x gates for my virtual airline, and i can watch who is in the event, and the pilot can watch where is he, where the colleagues are also.


This would be a great idea to tackle with the Connect API. Having a map of a chosen airport and showing where everyone is parked - I might attempt that sometime in the future!

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