New hud layout

Hi people.
So im sorry if this is the wrong topic.
So the new hud layout IT is aful espesly for iPad users. the hud layout is more of a phone layout. And IT is extremely hard to touch the buttons cause they are small. (PS the a350 is amazing


Well the UI is brand new, so you’ll probably get used to it over time. If you really want to, you can vote for a new UI design in #features!


Ok thanks :)

Just stick with it, it will improve. The new design opens the door for more the possibility of new exciting HUD features in the future.


Ok IT is just anoying but ok :)

I completely agree, why have the parking brake on the same side as the throttle?! Also, it’s so impractical to hide all of the autopilot away in a corner - If anything then please just bring back all the autopilot!!


And where would you fit all of that on a device with a smaller screen? ;)

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When i downloaded IF to my phone, the layout was different to that on my iPad… with AP up the left hand side.

But that was before we had several features that we now have.

Things had to change & be moved around. You also don’t want to have too many buttons visible on the top layer or else it’ll be to cluttered.
The AP is one of those things that contains several features in itself, and will perhaps contain even more later on. Having one top layer button for each is simply not feasible.

More about this can be read here:


Ah, i understand. But at the moment i feel that to tidy the hud up, the buttons on the left should at least be moved over to the right. This way, the mini map could be moved and we could have more space centre screen. Just a thought, no?

That’s a thing too.
I understand your side of that argument, but too many buttons in a small area increases the risks for accidental taps.There’s been way too many of those over the years :)

Moving stuff over like that would also make the UI look de-centralized. As the map would be misaligned with the rest of the UI and there would be a huge hole on the left side next to the IAS indicator.


I completely understand the accidental taps, but with buttons all over the place it reminds me of a B737 cockpit haha, I’m sure that if you continued to hide buttons (like we just talked about), then there wouldnt be the need to cram thousands into a small space.

Had the same problem. The button layout wast foreign to me, but 2 weeks later I was already used to it)

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Same here - and I’m sure is the case for most people - it was weird at first but we have now gotten used to it - now having had it for about 6 weeks!

I think covering the entire screen with buttons would be amazing. You get a flight simulator and button simulator. 2 in 1 package.


That would be just irritating because you couldn’t see the lovely scenery

brake down so as not to see the power of the brake because of the thumb it’s very hard sometimes I think brakes gently but it brakes too slowly and I have to brake 100% and my passengers suffer !

Yes the “beautiful landscape” but activate the functionality spanking disappear the HUD (2,5, 10sec)

It’s a joke but ok. We are allowed to make jokes here. Not rude ones though they’re banned. Anyway I honestly would like them just to switch the button placement back to how it used to be but keep the button menu in the same place

What about pilots that prefer the new layout? I for one love this new UI. It’s organized and I know where to find everything.

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