New HUD angle/design?

I have noticed a lot in reworked Airbus planes, and now the newly reworked B777-200, that the HUD angle is now pointed more downwards. Why is that? The horizon lines are no longer lined up with the actual horizon. Is there a way for us to personally change that in settings?

It lines up with the horizon. If you were on the ground it would line up with the horizon, if you were at FL320 it would be much higher

For me, the horizon lines point way lower at ground level, and at the same level in air

Are you at an airport with terrian? Even the flattest airports could be slanted.

I was at LAX

This is what it looks like for me…

Oh. Yeah i dont have that but that might be a bug?


It is that way because the cockpit is live, and the view is pointed in a way that you can fly using the instruments without the HUD, which is a downwards angle. It is the same way on the A350 and A320.


I’m guessing there isn’t a way to change it?

You would either have to use the fixed HUD which is the first camera view on the left, or manually adjust the HUD so that it lines up with the direction of the aircraft and the horizon.


They are right. You are using the movable “Captain” camera with HUD and its angling it down. You can double tap to revert it or as they said, use the fixed HUD camera.

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