New here! need help

Hi, Guys! I am new here, and totally into infinite flight! however I have yet to manage to fly a plane safely on this game, I can manage on advanced flight 787, but this one… not so much would love some help :) big question I have is, how can I play this on my PC laptop? and when in LIVE, does the actual weather on there change? like the sky conditions and such, and would I be able to do delays and cancellations of flights because of weather or technical issues?


Well first of all welcome
You cannot play this on your pc (as per my knowledge)
And you just to play and have an experience by yourself


Hey James, welcome to the community!

Only Laura has access to the PC version as far as I know. Sorry mate :)


Nop !


Technically reasons not really! But if you want to “cancel” your flights fell free to do so!


Welcome. You are going to get a lot of information in this thread from people.

  1. This is a mobile sim, you cannot play it on a PC. (There are ways to do it with emulators but most are not very good.)
  2. Live has weather but not clouds/rain. The wind direction, speed, and turbulence will update automatically.
  3. There are no clouds but there is visibility that changes with the weather.
  4. Be sure to check out the tutorials section. It has TONS of information for flying.

Not really possible, although using Liveflight Connect and Airserver people have used a full monitor setup.

Wind and visibility does but [quote=“James_Follette, post:1, topic:105366”]
like the sky conditions and such

does not.

Yep, just don’t interfere with others/ATC.

Check that :

Most popular topic ever, and one of the most liked topic!

I’m sure you’ll like it !

REMEMBER : Global isn’t available yet and still in the alpha test phase.

(Alpha + Bêta = Public)

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It might in 2020 lol


I don’t see how that would help, that is a post only on global, all about global, that has nothing to do with how to help people who are brand new to infinite flight


Welcome! Here’s some stuff to help you. Read it all.


True! But this is an important topic and with that, he will be able to know what we expect for the futur of infinite flight ;-)

Oh, ok :) I suppose it would be interesting for him/her to know what the next update is :)

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Please avoid talking about something else not related to the topic itself and the community itself ;-)

awesome! I look forward to the changing weather and skies!


I have another question lol, How can I fly like let say from Halifax to Toronto? So far I only could have been flying in local surrounding areas, But I want to have nice long flights :)

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At the moment no one can fly to different countries, (I know, it sucks) you can only stay within the boundaries, BUT in the next update, (Global) we will be able to fly everywhere in the world, whether it’s from London to New York or Los Angeles To Sydney, you will be able to fly in any aircraft to any airport in the world, with fog in certain cities such as San Fransisco, and a NEW beautiful blue sky! This means we will have a FULL SCALE, yes full scale planet earth which means flights will take hours hence why the developers recommend we only do short haul flights, example- London to New York will literaly take 7 hours this is where LNAV comes in, LNAV will fly the plane for you (this means steering it to), planes will now start on the start position and there will be a brand new airport selection screen where you can now search any airport and there is a new start location UI this does mean however if you spawn say - at Qantas Cargo 01 (KLAX) that means no one else can spawn there, this won’t cause mayhem and the airport won’t be overcrowded because there are hundreds and hundreds of airports out there and everyone will have their own specific first global flight they want to do, so it’s most likely everyone’s airport will be very very quiet! I hope this has answered your questions, for a lot more detail, visit Philippe’s post on Global :)

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The weather in LIVE is updated constantly to real world conditions. You should have tried London region during storm Dorris…you would understand what I mean. Hope you enjoy live…blue skies


Welcome to Infinite Flight!!! Glad to hear you are liking the game. I have a Mac book pro and i connect my phone to my laptop through QuickTime Player. But you cant fly through your PC/Laptop. I just do that to get a better view on what is going on with a bigger screen. It really helps when you are ATC on LIVE you can see a whole lot better. Also on Live the weather changes a whole lot you can have anything from a clear day to heavy fog and near zero visibility. The weather also changes on its own and I am not sure but wherever you are flying I think it may be live weather.

   Hope that helped. Safe Flying

thanks! I am having some issues though!, like for example, on my phone when I want to go live it says fly online, but doesn’t look live, and when everyone else has controllers, I don’t I don’t have the option to request any taxi or takeoffs just send them. why is that? and is there any flight missions on here? where flights are scheduled?

If you mean you only have the option to send them, it means you’re on a unicom with no other controllers online at the time, you are able to request once a controller is online at that airfield/airport. That’s a main reason towards this. Unfortunately we do not have computerised ATC.

No we do not have any flight missions.[quote=“James_Follette, post:20, topic:105366”]
where flights are scheduled?

We don’t have scheduled flights etc. We do however have events otherwise. Example, I’m hosting an event on the 27th of March. You can find out more on the events page here.
Hope I was able to help!