New Heathrow spotting area

Update due to feed back from other spotters and feedback


After on-going discussions with the management at Novotel Hotel, and considering the feedback recieved from our followers, I am pleased to announce much more flexible prices.

The feedback that I have received from everyone has been fair. There is no right or wrong answer.

I’ve worked extremely hard on this to make this work not only for myself but for all plane spotters.

New prices are listed below:
• £20 Day rate - Available from 0400AM - 1000PM.

• £10 Day rate Under 12 - Available from 0400AM - 1000PM

• £15 Day rate - If bookings are in made 5 days in advance. Available from 0400AM - 1000PM

£3 Per Hour - Anytime from 0400AM - 1000PM

£10 4 Hours - Anytime from 0400AM - 1000PM

In addition to this, we have come to an agreement which allows 30% discount at the restaurant downstairs to anyone who will be visiting the viewing deck.

Parking Available on site for FREE

NO FOOD will be allowed from outside into the viewing deck

All other packages remain the same.

I hope these prices help for everyone and look forward to meeting you all.

Thank you very much ✈

Credit where it is due - Zulqarnain Butt off London Heathrow Spotters page on facebook New Heathrow spotting area


That’s quite expensive…

Thanks for the info though!

I’m not sure I understand… what is this?

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Useful information. Thank you

What? You have to pay to planespot over there?

That’s kinda ridiculous!


I’m sorry but I have no idea what you’re talking about or what this is a reference too. Is this in reference to a previously posted topic?

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I mean, many places charge to plane spot…

Not that I know of in the U.S. This is new to me.

There are paid spotting places in the United States too, kind of like you get what you pay for. Of course, there are exceptions (I mean by quality and by region too), but you still have paid spotting places here.

Hmm, I’ve never heard of any! I’ll have to look into this.


Insane prices given you can see most of the action anyway without being inside of a building. £3 max for the whole day is more acceptable, who wants to pay money in order to see planes from a higher vantage point every time they spot. Myrtle would give far better views

Thanks for the info

To clarify what the post above is about:

There has been a new spotting terrace opened inside a hotel building adjacent to Heathrow Airport. It features pretty nice views from what I’ve seen, but comes with the disadvantage of high prices (see above) and glass between you and the airplanes.

Please disregard the text but just the picture:

@Alec @bcc.123


Here’s a video of the deck:

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