New HD Scenery

So when the new HD scenery comes, will we be able to view that scenery within our replays or will we still see the old scenery?

When the new scenery comes, you’ll see it when you’re flying, as well as in the replay 😊

Or do you mean the old replay files of flights before the update? I’m not so sure about that to be honest. It depends on how they are stored on the device. I’m sure a mod or staff can help us out here.


I think you will get the new scenery 😉

Your device re-renders the scenery from the servers every time you load a replay, so you should get the new scenery even on old replays.


What does this mean? Sorry for the ignorance? What does the scenery do to change between the two objectives?

He means that the scenery in replays is still taken from the servers, so it would reflect the scenery that you would see if you played live at that moment.

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