New Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 717-200

indeed we do

Still keeping this alive

Still voting for this although we should probably get a rework

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yeah we should i still need the livery tho 😹

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I don’t think they will put a new livery on until they rework the plane. I also think that they will add the Max and Neo to the FS before this gets reworked

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Even though the 717 isn’t that great of an aircraft in Infinite Flight, it still would be nice to have an updated Hawaiian Airlines livery on it


Hawaiian Airlines: Ready for take-off. ✈️ 📸:

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Unfortunately Hawaiian Airlines does say 717.

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Does say what? Say 717?

Anyways, if you read between the fine lines, it says, “the investor presentation did not state the particular type of aircraft to replace the B717 beyond saying it would be some kind of B737. It also did not state any timelines.” So not necessarily, maybe read a bit deeper before throwing random words and links out onto posts.