New Hawaiian 787-9

Hello everyone!

With the new Hawaiian 787 making a stop at LAX, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see it! Here are some shots I got of the new aircraft along with some other aircraft.

Enjoy the photos!

This livery definitely suits the 787!

American 777-200

British Airways 777-200

American 777-200 and British 777-200

Thanks for viewing!


Good looking shots as usual. I hope to catch the new 787 Hawaiian when scheduling sends it to PHX.


nice! is it start flights for passengers yet?

Thank you

No, when I was there they were doing a private event with the aircraft. Looked like people were touring the aircraft


Nice pictures. The plane definitely suits the Hawaiian livery. I wonder when or if they will start flights to Europe cos I’m guessing there is a market for Europeans wanting to go to Hawaii. I can’t believe BA operate their B772’s to LAX that plane must be so uncomfortable and old for a 10+ hour route

I don’t think Hawaiian has plans for European flights, if would definitely be interesting though

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Hawaiian 787 is beautiful 😍

I agree! It turned out better than I thought it would

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It looks amazing 🤩. Saw they also flew to Hilo which is pretty cool. I know Hilo is a big ETOPS airport so maybe that had something to do with it.

Yeah it looks like they have been flying the 787 at all the Hawaiian airports that can handle it

Absolutely Beautiful!

Thanks! And welcome to the community

What a beautie


Stunning photos 😍 The livery looks gorgeous and has got to be one of my favs now!

I’m hoping they will send them on the SYD route, at some point!!

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Nice shots! The Hawaiian livery is so stunning even though it would’ve been better on an A330neo.

Thank you! I don’t think it would have looked as good with the Neo mask

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Glad you got to see it in person! I’ll be flying on it in July! Can’t wait.

We will definitely need a trip report on that flight ;)

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