New Guy Questions

Hey ya’ll, new guy here. Hopefully this isn’t too silly of a question.
I’ve been using IF for a couple of months but just went live today.
For reference, I’m a former A&P mechanic and I know a lot of pilots but my knowledge of procedure and FARs for pilots is limited.
My questions are regarding proper taxi and ground procedure.
Sceenshots are posted below
I began at KMLI Quad City Intl parking with a Dash-8. After another pilot had landed on Runway 13 [shot #1] and cleared the runway, I began to taxi into position so that I could take off, heading the direction from whence he came.
So, do I request to take off on Runway 13? or do I request 31 since I’d be starting there? [Shot #4]
Also, since I don’t need the whole runway for the Dash, would it be kosher to take off beginning at the crosswalk [shot 4] or is that strictly for taxiing?
I’m woefully ignorant on all this, and I don’t want to be an ass.
I wish there were a walkthrough or virtual co-pilot/instructor.
Would I be bothersome if I sat in parking in an expert server to use the drone cam to watch what others do?

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Double check your photos because they aren’t fully uploaded.


Hi James_Franklin,
welcome to the community. Hope that you enjoy live.
Unfortunately your uploaded screenshots are not shown, make sure that you do it on the correct way next time.

Requesting Takeoff must be before you enter the runway. How to hold short correctly is explained in the post below:

Only if you are cleared to line up OR for takeoff you are allowed to enter the runway. By the way: The Training Server 1 (TS1) should be the right one for you.

For takeoff you should only use the runway, can not see your screenshot but a taxiway is for taxiing ans not for departure.

And no, your questions are not stupid. Everyone began new and didn’t knew everything correctly.

Happy Landing and met me know if I could answer your questions a bit.


First of all, you should be requesting runway 31, as you’re facing that heading to takeoff. Secondly, I believe you can enter the runway from a crosswalk (if cleared) but it makes a controller’s life hell, so I normally don’t.


From the airport he said, I don’t believe that requesting takeoff or holding short was necessary, as it would have been unicom

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You should always take off in to the wind so I expect the arriving aircraft was landing into the wind which means runway 13 was active, when this is the case you should take off from 13 yourself as 31 would be closed. If you check out the infinite flight YouTube channel you find everything you need. The tutorials on there are incredible and very easy to follow. Look forward to flying with you

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As I see that most of your questions have been previously answered by my fellow community members, I will not take my time to answer those as their answers are spot on.

But what I will do is sencierly welcome you to the Infinite Flight Live Community. If you have any other questions, reply to this post if you are not trust level 1 yet. If you are, feel free to shoot me a message!


dang I forgot to add them, one moment

uploading the four as one unit now - thanks

thank you sir! the previous answered my main questions. But, on Unicom no request is required? That must explain why a touch and go almost bounced off of me earlier…

On unicom, you must announce takeoff and taxi, but for courtesy, when you
do make sure you look on your map to make sure there isn’t an imbound plane.


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