New group- Heavenly pilots

I think it’s time we create a new unified group with regulations that will keep the sim following smoothly.
În my point of view they’re seems to be too much division. Reply back if you’re interested.

You can try… but the KNUC culture will not die off just like that 😂

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What knuc culture?

Oh nothing… Just you know, San Clemente International Airport 😜

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See the community is so fractured that I’m not even up to date with theses groups. Things need to be unified

Fractured? In what way?

Things aren’t unified. Why is there different fb groups. Why can’t there just be one. I’m going to change that. Bur i need a little help

The Facebook groups are not affiliated with FDS Staff. They are set up by users of IF (except for the official IF Facebook page). This forum is official and is pretty unified as it contains all info and announcements, just think of the Facebook fan groups as extras.

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Actually I agree with him… Things get confusing because of the two platform VAs

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