New ground vehicles WIP

Amazing 😎

So much to look forward to 👌

There’s even a little cone in front of the engines

Wow that’s amazing! Can’t wait!

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Yess I’ve waited so long 😍😍😍

WEEEE love how they used the ANZ 777 All Blacks!!!

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Wow Wee! Looks sick!

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Can’t wait

Looks soo good

Definitely fake:

  • The belt loader is inside the right hand cockpit stair vehicle.
  • I’ve never seen a stair vehicle use the right hand side of the aircraft… at all, the right is for ground crew, the left is for passengers. If the leading hand wants to give documents to the pilots then they use the terminal and aerobridge.
  • It appears the rear (left hand) stairs vehicle is at the wrong door, currently when passengers get off they would be going straight into a taxiway/manoeuvring area which is incredibly dangerous and against SOPs. Stairs must always be between the terminal and airside road.
  • The fact that there are stair vehicles for this international flight is fake.
  • The B777 is way too big for the gate, it’s tail is clearly still within the manoeuvring area (past the airside road).

Apologies for using the term ‘stairs vehicle’. My company uses portable stairs and international don’t have stairs so I’m not sure what it’s actually called.

This is all based off Sydney airport.

All jokes aside yes it’s real, very exciting to see it released.


That’s not necessarily true. While I also think that the combo of jetbridge and stairs is a little weird (I can’t confirm if those stairs are used for non-passenger-related activities in such cases) the stairs, in general, can fit an international, intercontinental flight. At my home airport in Munich for example, A350s, and B777s regularly park at remote gates and then only utilize stairs.

Not only this but Taxi Lights are also coming, the future of IF will be exiting

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Sorry if I made it unclear. Aircraft at the terminal use aerobridges while aircraft parked at remote stand used bridges due to no aerobridge.

So yes your correct.

I just realized what nonsense I wrote considering it’s at the terminal.
While this is far from normality it still happens. In MUC for example planes parked at stands at the temporarily closed Satellite Terminal were using stairs → busses to transport the PAX. But yeah you’re right. Apart from such exceptions I also haven’t seen it.

Would 22.3 be for april or may

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They try to release an update every month. Look back at 2021 and all the simulator update blogs for example 21.1 etc when those released, and think about this year pattern so far.

Here: Infinite Flight Blog


Maybe jetbridges could go to L2 with this update

You never know, Infinite Flight loves surprising their community, think about 19.4 on how they surprised us with A350, 20.1, they surprised us with 737 cockpit rework, 20.2, surprised us with 777L and 777LR. And more (ish)

It could but nobody knows, only the devs. Don’t get your hopes to high.

Enjoy your day

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You all should join the Discord server so you can see these things first 😉

I’ve been in the discord😂